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Miami Design District Facelift


Design District Facelift

Main Points: there will be a small 53 room hotel and 96 unit residential aspect. They also plan to have a lot of roof gardens on various levels, connected by staircases and cascading green features. Miami is looking up! For more pix visit link below.

via Curbed Miami.


Miami Skyline scene from NW 41st picture credit ArtofMiami.com

Miami Skyline seen from NW 41st picture credit ArtofMiami.com

Top Scenic Routes of South Florida

Summer is coming up. Soon the caravans of road travelers will be passing through our city. So lets show them what are the best scenic roads our city has to offer. The criteria was based on roads that provide great vistas and have local appeal.

This post will also serve as inspiration to our fellow artists and visitors from out of town. Take your car, put down the windows and just cruise through one of these scenic routes of our city of Miami. We assure you that ideas for a new painting or sculpture or whatever,  will start flowing like the wind. Here are the Top  Scenic Routes in Miami according to ArtofMiami.com.

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lion king miami

The Lion King a Must See!

Seated before the show, I sat and looked around the auditorium thinking back to all the wonderful memories past performances at the Adrienne Arsht Center have given me. I had front row when the extraordinary clown show “SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW” came to town. On their last act they released these massive beach balls onto the audience. I got hold of the biggest one and propelled it far into the air causing the entire crowd to roar! Then there was the time I got goose bumps when I saw the Christmas Tree growing during one of the scenes from the Nutcracker. I’ll never forget all the gut wrenching moments from Cirque Eloize during their death-defying stunts. However, none will replace the moment during the rendition of The Lion King’s “He Lives in You,” when I looked over towards my loved ones, saw my girlfriend with her hands clasped from amazement, my 4-year-old niece in awe and my mother with a smile. (YOLO)

I’m writing this entry while listening to the inspirational Lion King soundtrack and it still gives me goose bumps as I reminisce of all the wonderful voices that brought the rooted message of The Lion King to harmony. The Lion King at the Adrienne Arsht center is a must see. One comes away inspired to create, to love, to apologize and to be proud of ones self and to the ability that we as humans have to create. But in particular to the African-americans that were in the audience, I could feel the pride they must of felt to see the beautiful cast showing a reflection of themselves and the potential each one of them processes within.

The Lion King

runs until June


The Dominican Republic is Highlighted by artist Jose Bedia @ Fredrick Snitzer Gallery

yellow people 69 jose bedia

José Bedia, ¿Asi La Quiere el Papi?, 2012, Acrylic & conte on canvas, 82 x 145 in.

Dominican Republic takes center stage at Miami’s Wynwood Art Walk  

One of Miami’s top artists, Jose Bedia will be showcasing art work inspired by the country that gave birth to the America’s, the Dominican Republic. The show is entitled “Une Saison en Enfer (A Season in Hell).” We hope to see the Dominican population of Allapatah(one of the neighboring communities of Wynwood) come support this fantastic exhibit. You know ArtofMiami.com will!

“Une Saison en Enfer” runs through June 30 at 2247 NW 1st Pl., Miami; 305-448-8976

via: Knight Arts

World’s Biggest Beach Towel: A Social Experiment by Miami artist Misael Soto

world biggest beach towelMiami Artist Misael Soto creates Art that hopes to break barriers

Bravo to Misael Soto for this interactive art project. Misael Soto’s work has often been a statement about the many ways people try to isolate themselves from others. Examples: placing a purse on the seat next to them, putting headphones while at the gym, marking their territory at the beach etc. Can you think of one? Soto’s  giant beach towels plays upon this concept. In an interview on Arterpillar he clarified that the giant beach towel is not to claim beach real estate but a means of inviting people into his space. After all an average beach towel only fits one. I think it is a fabulous idea. Misael Soto also followed up the interview with some casual data gathered when he took his beach towel for a test run this past Memorial Weekend at South Beach. Misael plans to take his giant beach towel on a tour of different beaches across the nation and expose others in different locals to this art experience/experiment. Check the full interview by clicking below.

I lay out my beach towel for the day measuring approximately 56 x 29 feet. I bring sunscreen snacks, drinks, and games for all. The towel is for everyone to enjoy, hoping to subvert the way beach-goers claim their temporary real estate on the beach.

I intend to indict and subvert typically American excess, in an attempt to not only comment on how we choose to share the wealth (or not), but to also provide a space where I create the opportunity for communal transcendence above the conditioning of capitalism. -Misael Soto

via: arterpillar and curbed miami

Icon’s of Miami Like You’ve Never Seen Before: The Photography of Luis Arturo Mora Neuville

kaleidescope miami beach lifeguard station

The Photography of Luis Arturo Mora Neuville

I love art that makes you think, reflect and sometimes even admire something that is ordinary and mundane. Pastel colors, art deco architecture and lifeguard stations are some of the iconic images one will associate with Miami Beach. They are also things Miami Beach residents pass by on a daily basis and care not to observe. However, sometimes an art work will come along and will present us with the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary. Enjoy the work or Miami photographer Luis Arturo Mora Neuville whose series “No Lifeguard on Duty” takes a unique approach in capturing one Miami icon. Using radial symmetry as his principle for design and a photo editing software, Luis Arturo Mora Neuville takes some of our city’s architectural structures and reconfigures them into imaginary sculptures.

Luis Arturo Mora Neuville (born in Venezuela in 1975) for more than 11 years Luis has dedicated his time to photography, his greatest passion. PhotoArchitecture was his debut project which allowed him to participate in exhibitions and showrooms in 2003. He was also twice selected as a finalist by the Annual International Architecture Photography Competition AIA Miami Chapter (2006 and 2008). Luis was awarded the Sleepless Night Photomarathon (Miami, Nov. 2009) and received Honorable Mention during the 6th South Beach Photomarathon in Miami Beach.

via: LamPhotos.com

Color Wheel in Motion: Holton Rower vs Jen Stark

Jen Stark vs Holton Rower

A testament of how art can be created out of simplicity. Artist Holton Rower lets the beauty of color and gravity speak for themselves. Rower simply drips contrasting colors of paint on a structure that’s enveloped with a canvas. The effect of layers of colors is captured through time-lapse photography and also the end product is peeled and hung on a canvas as a 2-D work of art. Can not help but reference Miami’s Jen Stark’s piece “Pedestal” which is like an inside out version of Rower’s work. If you are wondering which came first? Both Jen Stark and Holton Rower created their piece in 2011.

via: ErniVales

Jose Bedia Retrospective Exhibit @ The MAM 5/24-9/2/2012

king of the starsOne of our city’s top artist Jose Bedia

This Thursday at the MAM. is the opening reception for a retrospective exhibit of one of Miami’s most beloved artist, Jose Bedia. Although not Miami born, Jose Bedia and his artwork has been proudly adopted and showcased in this community since the 1980’s. For all I have read and written about this artist, it is with great excitement to see a collection of his work in person. Exhibit opens this thursday.

About José Bedia

José Bedia was born in January 1959, the same month and year that Fidel Castro marched into Havana. He graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte and was included in the groundbreaking Havana Biennials of the 1980s. He was selected for the exhibition Magiciens de la terre, held at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris in 1989 and in 1991 moved to Mexico. In 1993, he immigrated to the United States. He presently lives and works in Miami.

Bedia’s major projects include an invitational installation concurrent with the Saõ Paulo Biennial and a travelling retrospective organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, both in 1994; and exhibitions at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Monterrey, Mexico, and Site Santa Fe in New Mexico in 1997; and a major solo exhibition at the Museo de Badajoz, Spain, in 2004. In spring 2011, the Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, mounted a retrospective exhibition of Bedia’s installations.

Bedia’s work is in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Whitney Museum of American Art; the Guggenheim Museum; and the Miami Art Museum, among others.

Miami Art Museum

101 W. Flagler St, Miami



Miami Artists Friends With You and Freegums Leaving for L.A

friend with youmiami artistMiami Artist Exodus: Last time I’ll be posting about this

A few months ago we reported and then confirmed that one of Miami’s top-notch artist Jen Stark was leaving Miami for L.A. We also listed some of the other artists that have left our city of Miami.(Bert Rodriguez, Daniel Arsham, Hernan Bas, Kiki Valdes, and others) Well now it has been confirmed that another two of our city’s best are leaving for LaLa Land. First, Miami artist and rumored boyfriend of Jen Stark, Alvaro Ilizarbe aka Freegums will be following Jen to the bigger market of Los Angeles. Friends with You will also be heading out west. So it seems, there will a Miami Artist colony over in L.A.

The rumors have been going around of  Freegums and Friend With You making the move, but today it was confirmed on an article in The Cultist. Much is being debated about whether Miami as a city is far from or at the same level as L.A in terms of importance and cultural significance. However, one can argue statistics and analogies all we want, but at the end of the day actions speak louder than words. The actions of the artists can not be ignored.

source: New Times


Robert Babylon Opening of Neon Lights Underwear @ WEAM 5/22/12

 The World Erotic Art Museums Features Neon Lights Underwear

Robert Babylon Neon Lights Opening Reception
May 22, 7-10pm
World Erotic Art Museum
1205 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Adults …$15.00
Seniors over 60 (with I.D.) …$14.00
Students (with I.D.)…$13.50
(Tax included in all prices)
(Under 18 years old not admitted into museum)
Lobby / Museum shop free entry.



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