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I like to view and interpret things as life lessons. So did I when Miami-based artist Miguel Paredes announced that he will take a risk in experimenting with a different style and subject matter to his art. Here is a statement from Miguel’s proclamation;

In my career as an Artist i’ve been frustrated seeking styles, finding originality constantly. Creating some that collectors can connect with. I realized that unfortunately I can’t please everyones taste, have to focus on the style I’m comfortable with. Today I moved to a new Studio which for me is a new adventurous beginning i’ve been up all night staring at a blank canvas thinking which direction I should go, then I realize that everything I created previous to this stroke I’m about to take will soon be just a memory of great paintings and moments that have apart from me. So I will begin one monumental painting of my last ten years as an Artist.

Above is a picture of Miguel Paredes newest canvas after his statement. Reminds me of the movie Jerry Maguire when the protagonist had a “manifesto.” The lesson would be to never be afraid of the unknown. View more of Miguel Paredes past and present works at www.miguelparedes.com

Photos: Farewell to Jen Stark

Good Luck Jen!

Here are a few pictures of Miami artist Jen Stark’s farewell party in support of her journey to L.A. A brilliant artist and as you can see by  the pics she definitely has a party side to her. Who says artists are quiet wallflowers? Pics via; Carol Jazzar FB and Jen Stark’s Instagram.


lebron t-shirt saying earned not givenlebron t-shirt saying earned not givenThat’s Right:”EARNED NOT GIVEN”

Here is another Lebron t-shirt design celebrating the 2012 Miami Heat NBA championship. He wore this in this Sundays interview with Rachel Nickol’s For ESPN. We are happy that many of the t-shirts hating on Lebron for the last two years will no longer be making any profits. Keep it positive people. Go Heat! For the best Miami Heat T-shirts click here.


Miami-Based Chandra Maharaj releases “Zambi” collection

miami swimsuit brownSwimwear by Chandra Maharaj

Check out the new release of Miami-based fashion designer Chandra Maharaj. Our favorite being the green,red and yellow two piece swimsuit resembling the Guyanese flag. Click on thumbnails to see more. All pics via www.chandramaharajswimwear.com

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Best Heat T-shirt Design

We are so proud of the Miami Heat. Each an every player contributed to the realization of an NBA title. Lebron James has gone through so much and now he can shut the critics up and put the haters aside. This team in just two years has come to realize what it takes to be come a champion. One not only needs to defeat your opponent but also your insecurities. When everything seems to not be going your way you must “stay the course”  because life is like waves. In celebration of the Miami Heat winning the NBA Championship here are the best Miami Heat T-Shirt Designs that we have found throughout the web. We found some cool underground Miami Heat T-shirts that would really make you stand out from the rest. Like a Lebron James T-shirt which he wore at the championship celebration at LIV. It is an image of Lebron James in the form of a lion, opening his mouth way wide. However it looks more like a T-shirt of Lebron James as a vampire. Also the first image shown with the affectionate nickname of Miami being the initials MIA with the championship trophy making up the “I.” That you will definitely not find at major chains. Click on Pics to Purchase. (if you have suggestions of cool Miami Heat T’s please email)

best miami heat championship t-shirt 2012

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melting colorful star by jen starkJen Stark keeps rising

We haven’t heard much from camp Jen Stark since she announced her leaving Miami for L.A. And we admit we were kinda upset of the fact she was leaving, but as true fans wishing her the best. News of her new exhibit proves that the best of Jen Stark is yet to come. Her work will be part of a group exhibit entitled “40 under 40,” at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Jen is the second youngest artist of the bunch. The youngest being Joseph Foster Ellis, b. 1984. The opening will be July 20th at 10am, with the curator’s talk at 12 noon, followed by a catalog signing. Above is a picture of one of Jen’s sculptures at the show which has talks of being acquired by the Smithsonian Institute. This would mean great exposure for Jen’s work (and thus Miami) at an international gateway that is D.C.

The show will run at the Renwick through February 2013, after which it will tour nationally at locations to be announced. You can find more information about the show and all of its artists on the show’s webpage.


Meet Miami-Based Artist Augusto Esquivel


Meet Augusto Esquivel

Meet Augusto Esquivel a Miami-based, Argentinian born artists who is mostly known for his floating sculptures using buttons as his media. His work has captivated audiences is a variety of art fairs including at Art Wynwood 2012 when he displayed a whimsical sculpture of a gum ball machine along side a carnival high striker. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1976 Augusto Esquivel studied cinematography at the Cievyc Center for the Investigation and Study of Audiovisual Media Production in Buenos Aires, Argentina between 1997 and 1999 and began his career as self-trained artist in 2009.

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Miami artist Jean Paul Mallozzi tackles the issue of “bullying” thru his Art

art about bullying in our schools by miami artist

“Mad,glad,sad” ©2012 Jean Paul Mallozzi

Jean Paul Mallozzi
A significant issue in our schools is bullying among peers and it is one of Miami-based artist Jean Paul Mallozzi current themes. Working with graphite pencils and paint, artist Jean Paul Mallozi creates detailed portraits yet leaves the audience with the task to fill in the blanks. Looking forward to Jean’s first solo exhibit August 10,2012 at 101 Exhibit Gallery. Play video, watch and listen to Jean Paul Mallozzi raise awareness of bullying through his art.


via: Yo-Miami


pic credit: CBS 4


Remember when the iconic Fountainebleu mural on Collins ave in Miami Beach was demolished back in 2002. Well know another Miami Beach mural is in risk of disappearing. The iconic mermaid riding an eagle mural on the facing wall of Tattoos by Lou is in risk of disappearing because of actions taken by city hall. The city assures that the mural is not being ordered to be taken down because of content but because of city ordinance. Meaning the fact that the mermaid is naked has nothing to do with it. Although not of equal grandeur as the Fountainebleau mural that we lost in 2002, the mermaid riding the bald eagle with the heading “Another Day in Paradise,” has earned its status as a landmark. The famous mural has been part of local South Beach resident’s daily lives and has served as passerby landmark for 23 years.

via: CBSLocal4


The Seattle Needle bearing the Miami Heat Flag

Seattle Washington is exactly in the opposite corner of our country compared to Miami. However that city has banned together to become one with our city and our Miami Heat. The latest gesture of support (even if its out of spite) is a flag of Miami Heat’s logo flying high on top of the famous Seattle landmark, the Seattle Needle. Real or fake the photo is worth a thousand words. This comes a day after disgruntled Seattle artist voices his support for the Heat through a viral design of a Heat and Sonic’s logo’s morphed together in unity.

via: hoopsnation

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