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BEAT OKC! Is what the Heat fans in Seattle are chanting.

Incredibly clever design of once Seattle Supersonics Logo (now OKC Thunder) morphed into the Heat’s flaming basketball logo. It was created by disgruntled Seattle artists Act Three Design, that like many in his city have jumped into the Heat’s band wagon out of spite. As a matter of fact Washington State is the only state (according to an ESPN poll) other than Florida, to be rooting for the Heat to win. But that’s okay our boys can face the adversity. The “Beat OKC” design recently released and it is definitely going viral. This comes via the305.com whom always post some of the most trending topics.

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Chris Brown making art is news to me so I decided to shared it with you guys. And given that he has loads of cash, it is with certainty that he is making art because he enjoys it. Wether is good or bad art is up for opinions. He took part this Monday June 11 in the group exhibition “Dum English,”at New York’s Opera Gallery in SoHo in collaboration with artist Ron English.  Also along side him was Miami celebrity DJ Khaled and Chris Brown current girlfriend Karruech Tran.

via  NY Daily News.

New Skyscraper in Brickell Almost Sold Out!

miami skyscraper with angled walls

photo credit: ArtofMiami.com

New Skyscraper in Brickell Almost Sold Out!

Good news to hear that one of Miami’s skyscrapers at the edge of Brickell has reached 91% occupancy just 2 years after its completion. Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come for the real estate in Miami. Located at 1450 Brickell, this building is one of my favorites to our skyline because its angled walls breaks the 90 degree pattern in our city’s silhouette skyline. Check out our city’s silhouette at footer of this site.

[press release]Miami’s premier Class A office tower has reached 91% occupancy just two years after opening its doors, with half of the building’s tenants being new additions to the South Florida market. Rilea Group’s 1450 Brickell office tower, which opened in spring 2010, achieved the 91% occupancy mark upon completing four new office leases totaling 55,300 square feet of office space. The building has leased a total of 530,000 square feet to date.

The building’s ownership finalized leases with accounting firm Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra; independent international shopping community Lyoness America, Inc.; and holding company Miami International Holdings. In addition, a lease expansion was signed with the Bilzin Sumberg law firm, which was the tower’s first tenant.

All told, 1450 Brickell has completed 23 leases with new-to-market users, accounting for 49% of the building’s current tenant roster and reflecting Miami’s growing prominence as a global business hub. In the newest batch of leases, Lyoness America and Miami International Holdings are new-to-market tenants, meaning their leases will result in positive absorption for the Downtown Miami/Brickell office market. Read the rest of this entry »


new beck beer bottles

Bert Rodriguez’s hopes to “help man evolve.”

Check out Miami native Bert Rodriguez’s design for the Live Beyond Labels campaign. I admit his design is not all that striking. Infact, he is getting hate comment in YouTube for allegedly ripping of his title from the show The Simpsons. However, watch the video to listen to Bert’s interest in “helping man evolve.” Also on the picture above is Miami artist Freegum’s design titled a “Bit of Spacial Tension.”



Britto responds to yesterday’s vandalism of one of his pieces in Wynwood tagged with the word “C-DOG.” He responded by spray painting over the tag with an array of colors, his iconic whimsical symbols and phrases which read Tolerance, Make Art not War and Love Art. On the bottom right is an imaginary character which seems to be holding a beacon of light with the form of smily face. Sure is better than that C-DOG stuff. Over the past day the vandalism of his mural has gotten mixed opinions among the public. Many have questioned whether he even creates his own art. The signature on this response looks authentically by Romero Britto. Big up one time to Britto for handling this situation in a classy way.

photo credit: @305creative via instagram

Meet Expressionistic Painter Michelle Oravitz

colorful woman with hair from spirals

Statement from the Artist Michelle Oravitz

I yearn to access a space where the unseen can be shown.

If it has a voice, I want to hear it. If it has a face, I want to paint it.

In short, this is my life mission.

I have been a seeker all of my life for that timeless dimension. Whether it was through my thirst to read books from worldly mystics and sages, travel the world to find the wordless link between all humans, or pursue studies of architecture, ayurveda, yoga and meditation.

I have spent years meditating and keeping with my yoga practice and after having my first daughter, I came back to my first language as a child which was art. I began painting professionally and found that through it all, it served as a vehicle to pull all that resided within me into an image – a translation of the soul that was far more powerful than words have ever been for me.

Painting shows me a visual reflection of what happens inside my mind. I am able to sort out my thoughts and feelings through symbols and colors. My goal is for these symbols and colors to somehow touch and inspire the lives of people who are drawn to my paintings. I believe that art, like music has the ability to heal through vibration of colors rather than sounds.

My method of working is very spontaneous. I find myself at times compelled and obsessed with getting a creation out of me – I can almost compare it to giving birth when a mother can’t fight the urge of releasing what is inside. Although I begin with a basic concept of what I am going to work on, a lot of it gets created and inspired moment to moment and the work almost always introduces itself to me when it is complete. I sometimes feel like an observer more than an artist. I get moved to do things that I have learned not to question during the painting process. I love what I do and can’t imagine feeling whole without it.

Michelle Oravitz


photo credit: Susannah Bryan

“I LOVE YOU” by  Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt

New work by Miami based R & R studios. You have seen their work all over Miami. The “Big M” at the metromover entrance in Downtown Miami and the huge Living Room in the Design District. This ” I LOVE YOU,” public art is located at the Young At Art Museum and Broward County Library at 751 SW 121st Ave.

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Britto Art in Wynwood Vandalized

Photo Credit: Yo-Miami


I few years back  some “Britto Haters” spray painted a public sculpture of Britto in Miami Beach with the words “Not Art.”  Then again last year with the words “error.” Last night one of Britto’s murals in Wynwood was spray painted with a tag that reads “C DOG.” What the heck is wrong with people. I remember back in the day when the art community hoped Miami had an artist that could shine a light on our city. Romero Britto came a long and did that. He is clearly the most well known artist to our city. He has a bigger fan following then Friends with You, Jen Stark and Freegums combined and unlike them has kept his base here in Miami. However he is hated upon by many including the staff at the New Times who have taken this position. Anyway I think coming to Britto’s defense is long over due.

PS: What a huge fat cap. Did the vandal use a fire extinguisher to tag that?

via: the305

BEST ART OF LEBRON JAMES: Inspired by last night’s amazing performance against the Celtics on 6/7/2012

lebron art by Craig RedmanBasketball is about “fighting the human condition.”

Above is a quote from Erik Spoelstra after Game 5 loss of the Eastern Conference Finals. When nothing seems to be going your way, you must make it go your way. In basketball, just like in life, when things are not going in your favor (referees calling fouls against you, not calling fouls for you, missing wide open shots, opponent getting repeated lucky breaks) one must rise through the adversity and stay the course. Last night’s performance (45 points 15 rebounds 5 assists) by Lebron James shows that a sleeping giant has been awaken. Lebron James until last night had not accomplished the final chapter to becoming a champion. Which is to conquer the human psyche. Watch game 7 this Saturday, a champion has risen. Go Heat!! (portrait of Lebron James above is by pop artists Craig Redman)

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Letter of the Day: Letter “E” by Typoe

letter E

This letter comes from cropping the art of Miami’s urban artist Typoe. You might remember him from his piece with a skull throwing up colors of spray can tops. For full image click here.

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