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Timelapse of Wynwood 2014 by Andre Soria

Wynwood by Andre Soria

Timelapse of Wynwood 2014 by Alex Soria

Artist Andre Soria created this cool Photomontage of Wynwood as it stands in 2014. The time-lapse video below shows the realization from beginning to end. ITs pretty cool. Press Play.

Instagram Book Sneak Peek


Pic by Harold Rosario @ArtofMiami

Thank You Instagram for the InstaBook 

Surprised with a small package on the stoop of my front door the other day. It was Instagram with a token of appreciation to @ArtofMiami on Instagram. Inside were some stickers, InstaLike pins, a little book and a thank you note. Instagram the feeling is mutual. So what was in side the book?

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Art Basel Event: Huge Glass Ornaments Will Decorate the Trees at Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Chihuly Return to Fairchild Tropical Gardens

Art Basel Event: Huge Glass Ornaments Will Decorate the Trees Fairchild Tropical Gardens 

Renowned American artist Dale Chihuly will return to unveil his most comprehensive garden exhibition to date at Fairchild as part of our Art at Fairchild. The exhibition will be on view from December 6, 2014 – May 31, 2015.

Fairchild Tropical Gardens

10901 Old Cutler Rd
Coral Gables, FL 33156

New Miami Bridge Approved and it Spells Out Miami

picture via IG @BrickellCityCenter

New Miami Bridge on I-395 Approved and it Spells Out Miami

The improvements to the I-395 bridge also known as the Mac Aurthur Causeway have been approved for 2018. The designs for the bridge have been narrowed down from four to two. Both designs feature what resembles a huge “M” which one can attribute to the first letter of our beautiful city. The two designs are known as the Lotus option and the Wishbone option. Which do you like best?

The Most Creative Exhibit at the Miami Int’ Auto Show

Artist Bisco Smith picture by Harold Rosario for ArtOfMiami.com

Cars Meet Artists at the Miami Int’ Auto Show

As soon as you enter the Miami Beach Convention Center for the Miami International Auto Show, make a quick right to the Car Meets Art exhibit. There you will find the most creative exhibit at the Auto Show. Artists, both local and national are exhibiting their unique artistic expressions using cars as a canvas. The exhibit is sponsored by South Motors and Metro Wrapz who did a more than professional job bringing the artists ideas to life. One artist that skipped the conviennce of shrink wrapping her art to the car was local artist Jessy Nite. Jessy Nite was the one brave soul to take to the brush and paint. She will be at the Miami International Auto Show live painting her 2015 FIAT all weekend. Other noteworthy and very approachable artists on display are 2ALAS, BISCO,BK, SONNI and more. So go over to meet these artists and their cars. Or the other way around.

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Le Lambi Haitian Restaurant Kendall (Review and photo)

le lambi miami

picture by Harold Rosario (@artofmiami)

Le Lambi Haitian Restaurant Review

Found this new place to eat in the Kendall area. It’s located in a not so attractive plaza on the south west corner of 88th street and 137th avenue. However as soon as you go in Le Lambi, the modern and traditional decor transforms the ambience contrasting with the plaza outside. Beautiful original Haitian art decorate the walls. About the food, the Tassot de Cabrit (stewed goat) is delicious. The portions are plentiful and homey. Being Of Dominican descent, I felt like being at the dinner table once again with my grandma at her house. My only complaint was the service. The waitress really was not very friendly. Never cracked a smile. But that might be a managerial issue, of either poor training or lack of worker moral.

In conclusion, Le Lambi is definitely a place to try. I would not be writing this if it wasn’t. As of 11/4 there is a groupon available for this location. So search that.

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“Right To Wynwood” a Must See Film by Camila Alvarez and Natalie Edgar

“Right To Wynwood” a Must See Film by Camila Alvarez and Natalie Edgar

Very interesting documentary about the inevitable future of Wynwood unless thoughtful minds get together to prevent it. In summary, the film is a touching film about the gentrification of the neighborhood. Cameo appearance by David Lombardi who comes off a bit arrogant and unsympathetic in the film. Also a few words by gallery owner and once trailblazer to the Wynwood Arts District, Frederic Snitzer with some dismissive words about Wynwood. See for yourself. Great editing and production.

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Pearl Paint Closes After 81 Years

20141103-173751.jpgPearl Paint in South Miami has been part of the artist community for many years in South Florida and 81 years nation wide. First they were based in Pinecrest back in the 90′s and then moved to the South Miami location. Sadly it has now closed its doors leaving near by Utrecht (which has changed names) to serve the needs of the art community.

Hidden German and Chinese Villages of Miami-Dade (15 photos)

German Village Miami picture by Harold Rosario

Hidden German and Chinese Villages of Miami-Dade

I always glance at these little unique looking houses that stand out among the others on Le Juine ave in The Gables. But I never take the time to go in that little nook and take a look. Yesterday  I took the time to stop and walk around this cute little replica of a German town. Although it was a short walk, it totally transported me to some small village in Bavaria. The cool Miami Fall weather certainly helped my imagination take off. Congratulations to the residents of this little block, they really add to the theme by decorating the facades with potted flowers and tradition fall ornaments.

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New Mural in Wynwood by Diana Contreras + Amanda Valdes

Pic vie FB Diana Contreras Art

New mural by the tag team of Diana Contreras and Amanda Valdes. Go see it in person NW 26st and 2nd Ave. For more on artist Diana Contreras and Amanda Valdes click on their names.

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