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Call To Artists: Bombay Sapphire x Scope Arts Fair: entries due 8/16/2014

Call To Artists: Bombay Sapphire x Scope Arts Fair: entries due 8/16/2014 

Bombay Sapphire is looking for the next big name in visual arts and needs your help! There are great prizes and recognition.

The way the program works is:

o Artists from around the country submit their work to a website  (www.bombayartisan.com ) by August 16th.

o From the submissions, we have 10 regional finale events around the
country that stand in galleries for a minimum of two weeks. This is a juried exhibit – The New Orleans event will be at the Brisky Gallery on October 11.

o If artists aren’t in or around the 10 regional markets, there are two at
large spots that are awarded to the top two artists that get the most votes on their works

• So, we take 12 artists to Miami to exhibit at SCOPE MIAMI BEACH during Art Basel

o Their exhibit stands at SCOPE MIAMI BEACH from December 2nd – 7th

o In addition to this, there’s a finale event at SOHO Beach House on December 4th where the Artisan Series grand finale winners are crowned

The top three pieces from the event get to participate in the Artisan Series Mural Project where the artists create a mural in their home market, and have an unveiling event for PR support (April – May)

The grand prize winner will receive a solo show @ SCOPE NEW YORK in March

Miami Street Photography Festival entries due: 10/20/14

miami call for artist photographersABOUT 

The MSPF© is an international photography festival showcasing the best of contemporary Street Photography viewed through the eyes of emerging photographers in this genre. The goal of the Festival is to establish a global platform for learning through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other events.

This Festival is a collaborative effort to advance the work of photographers who pay attention to everyday life in order to capture the world around us.

Street photographers use their keen sense of observation to capture compelling candid moments in the everyday life of strangers, whether it be a gesture, facial expression, action or scene. Their method is often likened to a mirror held up to society…it reflects reality. There is no set-up involved, no manipulation of the scene and very little or no post-processing of the image. This realism has provided an accurate and insightful record of street culture throughout the world. With images portraying everything from the ugly, gritty side of life to more humorous situations, they are moments that unless captured, might otherwise go unnoticed.

At the heart of street photography is the ‘decisive moment’. This is the split second when an image becomes complete in its composition – when each element of the image is in balance, in context and essential to the scene. This is when the shutter is released and the moment is captured forever. Read the rest of this entry »

Biggest American Flag in the U.S proposed for Miami

Biggest American Flag in the U.S proposed for Bayfront Park

Local billionare  and chairman of Coral Gables based MBF Healthcare Partners, Mike Fernandez, is petitioning to construct the a 40 story flag pole in Miami. If approved, the huge 500 pound structure would make it the biggest American Flag in the country. Also putting it among some of the tallest flying flags in the world. This includes those in Mexico, Brazil, Jordan, Dubai as some of the worlds tallest. The flag poles construction is estimated between 5 to 10 million. A huge price tag that Fernadez says he is willing to donate as a gesture of pride for his city and country.

via: the305


IKEA Miami Opens its Doors 8/27/14

pic via IKEA source: Facebook

IKEA Miami Opens its Doors 8/27/14

Known for its modern and affordable style, the long awaited Swedish furniture chain finally releases its Miami opening date. Just in time for all you college students beginning the 2014-15 school year. Set your calendars to August 27, 2014 the date IKEA Miami is scheduled to open its new Miami branch. Let the count down begin! Find out more at IKEA.com

Miniature Paper Dolls Come to Life by Jorge Miranda

Miniature Paper Dolls Come to Life with Every Day Objects

Miami film maker and director Jorge Miranda brings to life vintage characters from America’s past thorough his black and white photographic series. Some of these iconic characters include El Chavo del Ocho (a Mexician comedy legend) Attitcus Finch from the 1962 movie To Kill a Mockingbird and others. His paper characters are meticulously cut out and placed in amusing settings made with objects from our current times. His paper dolls, he explains, are a quicker way to express ideas and reach a wide audience. Without the need of sound, like in filmmaking, ideas can be understood, by viewers of all languages and cultures. Here is a glimpse of some of our favorite paper cut outs scenes by Jorge Miranda. For pictures visit Jorge Miranda’s Instagram account.

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Holmes Elementary Gets Artistic Make Over

Hands on Miami at Holmes Elementary pic via Hands On Miami

Holmes Elementary Gets Artistic Make Over by Miami Helping Hands

Thanks to the generosity of  volunteers and HandsOnMiami.org for taking the initiative, Holmes Elementary has a rainbow colored corridor to welcome students this new school year. Roy G. Biv would be so proud. (art students will understand that joke)

What are yo waiting for? Volunteer at Hands On Miami

Miami’s First Tunnel Finally Opens (pics & video)

Port of Miami Tunnel picture by Harold Rosario for @ArtofMiami

Miami’s First Tunnel Finally Opens (pics & video)

Located in Downtown Miami via Interstate I-395, the Miami Tunnel connects the mainland with the Port of Miami’s cruise and cargo terminals. Miami first tunnel opened yesterday August 3rd 10:30 am with little fan fair. Which in our case, the desolate tunnel made for better pictures and video to share. On a personal level, driving through the tunnel painted a prideful smirk on my face. Like many in our city that have long rooted for the city, in its drive towards world class status, this is one of those milestones to celebrate. Although, the tunnel could use the help of the creative minds in our community to give it the distinct “Miami” look we should always strive for in public works. Thoughts on how we can achieve this coming in future posts, so stay tuned. Thanks to the French construction company Bouygues for helping us out, but we can take it from here now.

For video go to our Facbook Page here.

Contract Negotiations Workshop hosted by Life is Art 8/12/2014

Life Is Art presents Art/Work Connections: Contract Negotiations

Art/Work Connections is a monthly series of seminars presented by Life Is Art featuring business professionals speaking on a variety of topics vital to the success of working artists. This month we are covering a subject that causes many problems for artists, contract negotiation. We know that many artists have gotten ripped off at various times. Many of these situations could be avoided with just simple agreements.

Most artists have no training in legal issues and often struggle in understanding complex contracts. Many artists do things without any sort of contract, opening themselves up to fraud and theft. Come learn how to how to read a contract and create the proper language to safeguard your rights. We will break this down and make it easy for everyone!

About Kroma
A new collective art space located on Grand Avenue in the heart of Coconut Grove consisting of 18 artists studios and a communal gallery space. KROMA’s mission is to serve as an affordable, contemporary space for artists, whose creative output will contribute to connecting the spirits of Coconut Grove’s rich past, present and future.

About RKE Law Group
RKE Law Group, an all woman law firm serving South Florida, helps entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives safeguard their businesses and ideas using cutting edge legal strategies that will minimize risk, guard cash flow, and protect their intellectual property. RKE was founded by attorneys, Monica Reyes, Alexandra Kontos, and Lisa Ehrenreich.www.RKELawGroup.com

About the Art/Work Connections Program
The Art/Work Connections program is a monthly series of business seminars held at galleries and art spaces around South Florida targeted at artists and those working in the arts. Everyone is welcome and can benefit from them. Business professionals are brought in to cover a wide variety of topics including health care, financial planning, contract negotiation, copyright law, portfolio development, social media, marketing and much more. www.awc.lifeisartfest.org

About Life Is Art, Inc.
Life Is Art is a Florida-based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to creating positive change in the community with the arts and culture through events and education. We give South Florida artists and civic leaders the tools to thrive and grow, while enhancing the lives of those living in our area. www.lifeisartfest.org

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, August 12, 6:30pm-9:00pm

LOCATION: Kroma Gallery, 3670 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133
Map http://goo.gl/maps/RfNng
Tickets $10 at the door (scholarships available)
Please pre-register at http://awc.lifeisartfest.org
Facebook - www.facebook.com/events/1435956420019690/

Subject: Contracts and other Legal Issues for Artists
Speaker: RKE Law Group
Monica Reyes, Alexandra Kontos, and Lisa Ehrenreich


Miami Street Artist Stands Up to Corporate Bullying and Sues American Eagle Outfitters

Miami Street Artist Stands Up Against Corporate Bullying and Sues American Apparel For Infringement

Another case of corporate giants taking advantage of artists? Big companies sometimes feel that their corporate and capital might alone deters small artists from believing they have a standing chance in court. Thus, they go ahead and steal ideas from people and pass them as their own. It is not the first time a street artist is reportedly ripped off on the web. Remember when H & M drew negative attention for making products that looked identical to a popular image of mural in Atlanta. The move was posted on the activist site Regretsy.com which sparked a firestorm of protests against H & M. How about when Hublot watches launched a Miami themed watch with the familiar logo of the305.com. This happens to often to artists. But they are discouraged, even by lawyers, from the monumental task of fighting a corporate giant in the courts. Often, the corporation just counter sues for an incredible amount and shakes the will power of the artist.

The art of Miami artist AholSNiffsGlue’s (David Anasagasti) appears all over the Wynwood area. His iconic images of droopy eyes and monochromatic schemes make for great photo opportunities. American Eagle Outfitters agreed. They turned one of his murals in Wynwood into the back drop for a new advertising campaign and (allegedly) without consenting the artist. This goes well over the creative commons license. In one photo, a well-built model is posing with AholSNiffsGlue’s mural while holding a spray can, seemingly implying he is the creator of the piece. American Eagle Outfitters is even accused of hiring artists to recreate the droopy eyes motif for a campaign in Colombia. AholSNiffsGlue’s, maintains that he was never contacted or compensated for the use of his art and has filed an Infringement of Intellectual Property suit against America Eagle Outfitters. Support this local artist in making a landmark decision to stick up for street artists against corporate bullying.

via: Miami New TImes

Make Your Favorite Art Appear on Billboards Around Miami: Ad Bombing 2014

Make Your Favorite Art Appear on Billboards Around Miami: Ad Bombing 2014

How can you contribute? #1 Support the cause. Miami Ad Bombing Camping needs to your support to make this unique idea come to life. Donate even the smallest amounts at AdBombing.org  #2 Vote: Vote for your favorite artist work  #3 Summit: Be part of the artists community that will expose art to the masses.

About Ad Bombing:

AdBombing is a Miami based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting emerging street artists both locally and around the globe. We raise funds to purchase available advertising space and then donate that space to artists within the community to do with it as they see fit. We aim to give talented artists a city-wide stage to share their work, local communities easier access to the artists within their own city, and everyone a more beautiful environment in which to live and work.

If you think the world could use less ads and more art then help us as we crowdfund the purchase of 3 billboards to donate to 3 emerging Miami artists. These boards will be on display in high traffic areas from early October through early December, allowing the artists to share their work with the entire city and the thousands of visitors that will come to Miami for Art Basel. It is our goal to give local communities easier access to art and artists from within their city, and everyone a more inspiring environment in which to live and work.

 Help us make this project a reality by contributing to the campaign and taking advantage of some great perks, sharing the message with your friends online and off, and choosing which artists get awarded with one of our billboards below. Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve shown along this journey.

via: AdBombing

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