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Coming Soon: Yo Amo 305 Pop-Up Shop

YO Amo 305 pic courtesy of Designers Culture

[Miami-Fl. ] Its been a long time comin’ introducing the YoAmo305 pop-up shop in West Wynwood.

Located at the Gesamtkunstwerk building, a multi-disciplinary creative space, home to the Spinello gallery, Wynwood Radio, Butter Gallery and product/81 creative lab, the pop-up shop will feature limited-edition items from clothing, beach towels, notebooks, and tea sets gracing the Yo ♥ 305 moniker!

They’ll be setting up shop soon, so stay tuned.

via: CD

Photo Tour of Miami featuring the New Lincoln MKZ (30 pics)

Photo Tour of Miami featuring the New Lincoln MKZ

For the past week we have had the pleasure of testing out the new Lincoln MKZ. We did this, uniquely so,  by going a “photo-hunt” around town. Hunting for photographs is something that as artists we enjoy However the Lincoln’s 38 MPG hybrid engined made the experience convenient and efficient. We never had to refill the tank. First, we thought featuring the sleek design of the MKZ at different South Florida locations, similar to a traveling gnome. However, the project evolved, as we made use of the Lincoln MKZ’s unique features, such as the push-shift technology, power moonroof, remote start system and others. Below, enjoy a photo recap our Lincoln MKZ Photo-Drive. Read the rest of this entry »

Street Artist Creates Wood Cut-outs and Miami Marine Stadium Fills in the Rest

Artist Creates Street Art but Uses the Miami Marine Stadium for his Backgrounds

Joe Iurato creates woodcuts of figures in dynamic poses and places them in a fitting environment. His imagery consists of human figures frozen in action. Ranging from a subtle guy playing the guitar to rock climbers at perils edge. The result is a surrealistic tug and pull between artwork and photography. Recently he was invited to participate in the Miami Marine Stadium’s artist prints program to help collect funds for the restoration. Here is some of Joe Iurato’s work at the Miami Marine Stadium where he uses the “urban decor” to make his woodcut outs come alive and vise versa. Read the rest of this entry »

Gloria Estafan Explains Why Save the Miami Marine Stadium (28 pics)

Gloria Estafan giving speech at the Miami Marine Stadium photo by Harold Rosario

How and why to save the Miami Marine Stadium

Gloria Estafan spoke Sunday at a press conference and convinced the audience and us of the importance of preserving the Miami Marine Stadium. She, along with architect Hilario Candella, highlighted the stadium’s unique qualities and historic importance. We at ArtofMiami.com have in past post, come down hard on the lack of cutting edge architecture in the city and poor attempts in becoming leaders in the Art World through public works. The Miami Marine stadium is the few examples of modern design that defy the status quo construction in Miami. Its angled beams are reminiscent to the City of Arts an Sciences in Valencia. Gloria Estafan shared this view with the audience “I have traveled all over the world, the only thing that comes close is maybe the Sydney Opera House and event that is indoors.” Unlike other performance facilities, at the Miami Marine Stadium you are one with the scenic outdoors during an actual perfomance. The 6,000 seat stadium has served its intended function as a boat racing spectators venue but since has also lend itself to memorable performances and concerts like that of “Miami’s Queen of Pop” Gloria Estafan. It is the largest trussless stadium of its kind. Also sits in one of the few remaining waterfront properties with views to the city and general public access. Yet its neglect my lead to further deterioration, disrepair and subsequent demolition. Finally, its prime location will be most likely opened to bids for greedy private developers to once again take bayfront real estate for local population to enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Huge World Cup Watch Party in Wynwood (FREE drinks)

Watch the Cup Wynwood picture by Harold Rosario

Huge World Cup Watch Party at Wynwood (FREE drinks)

Saw this while on a “photodrive” thought Wynwood and I had to enquire. After a bit a research found that its an official FIFA World Cup Watching Location. Hosted by Mana Wynwood, the huge tented venue sits around 500 spectators and features a 240 in LCD TV. And if it over flows not too worry because there are plenty of bars and restaurant around Wynwood to accommodate the over flow of crowds. All games will be playing up until the World Cup Final on July 13th.

RSVP here to receive FREE drinks

Iconic Miami Beach Lifeguard Stands to be Removed by 2015 (9 pics)

SoBe Art Deco lifeguard stand picture by Madeline Luis (@Mad19)

Iconic Miami Beach Lifeguard Stands to be Removed by 2015

The iconic South Beach lifeguard stands that are beloved by locals and tourist will be all removed by March 2015. Then they will be replaced by what city officials say are even better, more modern and artistic ones. The city promises that the new designs are “really really hip, they’re really cool, ” and match the style of Miami Beach much better than the current ones. A good sign is that Architect William Lane, who design some of the current ones, has given the designs the thumbs up. In fact, he has designed some of the new ones as well.”The cost is about $30,000-$50,000 each — out of probably about $1.2 to $1.5 million that’s already been budgeted,” Levine said. The city is still debating whether to auction the old lifeguard stands or take another creative approach to what to do with them. A total of 29 lifeguard stands are budgeted for the project.

via: Local 10 and Instagram @mad19

all pictures from Madeline Luis photographic series on South Beach Lifeguard Stands (Instagram @Mad19)

Pictures of What the New Miami Science Museum should look like.

reflection architecturePictures of What the New Miami Science Museum should look like.

Recently, I visited the city of Valencia in Spain. One of the top attractions is the City of Arts and Sciences. It is a multi-use complex for the arts and sciences that is built on a dry river bed about 5 miles from the city center. It is an extraordinary feat of architecture that is unparalleled anywhere in Florida. During dusk the architecture takes and entirely different appeal. Its giant turquoise pool transforms into a huge mirror that creates a symmetrical reflection of the entire City of Arts and Sciences complex. Photographers can be seen from all angles capturing this breathtaking daily event. As I admired the scenery before me, my feelings turn into envy. For my city, Miami, in the good ol’ USA, is about to unveil its new Science Museum in 2016 and it will come nowhere near the level of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. If a city so small, in a country with less economical means than the US can do it, then why do we in Miami always settle for some half ass piece of architecture? Like that of the new Frost Science Museum, which I once thought was awesome, but realize it’s basically an ordinary rectangular building with a half sphere protruding from the corner of it. Give me a break. We lack the passion for the Arts that Europeans have, specially when it comes to public works. Our approach is to place projects on public bids for companies to give us the cheapest most lackluster design. Yet we flaunt ourselves as one of the Art Capitals of the World. We will get there, but with better determination and a more competitive mindset. Or cities around the world will reach and claim that platform before us.

We in Miami really need to step it up if we want to reach the next level,  to a world class city status that politicians and city officials self proclaim it to be. In recent years, we have a had three chances to bring Miami to the world stage thru public works, The Arsht Center, the Perez Art Museum and the Frost Science Museum and all have fallen short in my opinion. Either because of lack of passion or because the finish version was scaled down from the proposed plans. Here are few pictures of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia Spain. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava and engineered by Felix Candela. Hopefully these pictures will reach those responsible and inspire them for future decision making.

All pictures by Harold Rosario for ArtofMiami.com

Go USA Food Art

usa flag made of fruitsHere is a neat work of art. A supermarket in Germany created this Germany vs USA flag display using fruits and vegetables. Not a coincidence the US flags stands out more. GO USA!

via : ESPN twitter

Art of the Day: Fireman Unveiled at The Coral Gables Museum

Coral Gables Museum by Harold Rosario

Continuing with the series “Interact with Art” here is the new entry featuring the facade of the Coral Gables Museum.  I got the idea for this post during last week’s Instagram Meet Up hosted by ArtofMiami.com and The Coral Gables Museum. During the museum city tour, our guide Patrick explained to us the interesting column design that the museum’s inherited from what use to be the first fire station in Coral Gables. At the tops of the columns sit 3 portraits of fireman sculpted in an Art Deco period style. Searching for an unique angle photograph this feature, I noticed that the bottom on the columns had iron molding which resembled fireman boots. When I pointed this out to Patrick he was delighted that I had discovered something new of the historic design. immediately I knew it would be a subject for my next piece for the Interact With Art series. So I took to a paper and pencil and unveiled the body of the fireman that my imagination saw. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram for more on our “Interact With Art” series @ArtofMiami

info: Harold Rosario

PAMM Museum Free on Labor Day if you ride the Metromover

picture by Harold Rosario

PAMM will be open on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26. Memorial Day kicks off Blue Star Museums, which provides free admission to active duty National Guard and Reserve military personnel, and up to five family members. (PAMM is always free to active military personnel with ID, but Blue Star Museums allows our service men and women to bring their families to the museum for free as well, Memorial Day, May 26, through Labor Day, September 1.)

PAMM will also be free to those who arrive by Metromover on Monday. A PAMM visitors services staff member will be at Museum Park Station with museum passes, good for Monday, May 26, only. Pérez Art Museum Miami will offer a free exhibition tour of AMERICANA at 11:30am and Caribbean: Crossroads of the World at 3pm. The tours are led by trained museum guides and last 45 minutes.

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