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Photo of the Day: Interact With Art at Domino Park

forced perspective domino park miami

"Interact with Art at Domino Park" picture by Harold Rosario

Photo of the Day: Interact With Art at Domino Park

Newest edition of the photographic series “Interact with Art” by ArtOfMiami’s own Harold Rosario. This one takes us to the iconic Domino Park in Miami Little Havana neighborhood. Look around you. There is art everywhere.

About Interact With Art

Recently, I’ve been trying to add to the definition of “Street Art” by embarking on a creative series titled Interact With Art. Here I use social media to engage and awaken followers to the art which is all around us. Using clever sketches, props, poses and a bit of humor, I interact with public art, architecture, sculptures, landscaping, culinary art and the endless supply of art forms that shapes our daily lives. What started as a personal challenge to push my creative potential, evolved into a campaign for art awareness.

info: Harold Rosario

Picture Tour of Alexander Mijares’ Loft Style Art Studio (18pics)

Alexander MIjares picture by Harold Rosario for ArtOMIami.com

Alex Mjares’ Biggest Work to be Revealed for Art Basel Week 2014

It was a pleasure visiting the studio of Miami artist Alexander Mijares. One of the highlights was seeing his latest work in progress. At an ambitious size of 7 feet tall and 18 feet of width, it is his biggest work to date. It rivals the size of Picasso’s Guernica. The enormous 1939 painting was in part a source of inspiration for Alex Mijares’ new work. Notice how Alex began this work with a grayscale undertone much like Guernica. However, later he could not resist adding color and employing a new found style of painting. His new works have evolved from his trademark meticulously rendered patterns to a more expressionistic approach. “I like this approach better, it gives me more freedom when painting,” he explained.

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Photo of the Day: Statue Selfie at The Getty Museum

Photo of the Day: Statue Selfie

Super funny pic taken at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Taken from the right perspective and a seemingly  unaware tilted angle gives the illusion of a selfie taken by  Bartolomeo Cavaceppi himself. I see a viral trend in the works. Lets do this at the Perez Art Museum.

via: Getty FB

Shepard Fairey Lauches Limited Edition Hennessy VS Bottle in Miami.

Shepard Fairey Lauches Limited Edition Hennessy VS Bottle in Miami. 
Hennessy V.S launched the fourth edition of the brand’s Limited Edition bottle series in Miami unveiling a new design created by critically acclaimed American contemporary artist, Shepard Fairey. The day began at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, a venue adorned with Fairey’s art and murals, where he held court during the roundtable discussion with local media. The conversation carried into lunch were guest were treated to a family style meal of tropical salad, shrimp ceviche, vaca frita, scallops and the favorite of the day a Hennessy infused Latin Misu dessert.

Int’l Street Artist Jaz Takes Wynwood 9/13/14 at Yo <3 305


Int’l Street Artist Jaz Takes Wynwood 9/13/14 at Yo <3 305

Since its inception in 2010, the Fordistas program has set out to create a network of South Florida’s most talented creators, connectors and innovators. The program seeks to foster unique and honest expression while promoting burgeoning, undiscovered talent through ongoing exhibition series. Fordistas, powered by South Florida Ford, provides a platform for emerging arts and culture that previously did not exist in the area.

Following its 2013 Art Basel exhibition, Fordistas evolved to provide year­long residencies in Miami’s art­centric district, Wynwood. Through these residencies, artists are provided living quarters, materials, the opportunity to feature their work in solo Art Walk exhibitions as well as to develop their work within a talent space where the local meets the global in order to demonstrate South Florida’s influence upon their work and vice versa.

The program’s 2014 participants are street artists Axel Void, 2ALAS, Jufe, Pastel & Elian, Jaz, 2501 and Alexis Diaz with a culmination during Art Basel 2014. This final exhibition will document the process of these artists to showcase not only how their work is affected by the city and how the city affects their creative expression, but also how relationships inform and transform artistic production.

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South Pointe Pier Opens to an Enthusiastic Crowd (20 pics)

South Pointe PIer Miami Beach picture by Harold Rosario

South Point Pier Opens to an Enthusiastic  Crowd (20 pics)

The long awaited 4 mil project in Miami Beach finally opened to an enthusiastic community. Specially to those of the Instagram community who came out in the early hours at dawn. The Instagram gathering was hosted by Madeline Luis aka @Mad19. Even the gate keeper had a surprised yielded smirk created by the unexpected crowd that formed to see the newly opened pier. Go check out the new South Pointe Pier that your taxes paid for and residents lobbied for. Also thanks D.C for the federal grant dollars. No need to apologize, tourist from across America will enjoy too.

South Pointe Pier

1 Washington Ave.

Miami Beach, FL

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Artsy Pizza Shop in West Kendall

pic via Old World Instagram

Artsy Pizza Shop in West Kendall

Good business comes from word of mouth and this West Kendall local pizza shop deserves the praise. Located in the west part of town, Old World pizza has a great tasting New York style thin crust. Its name, Old World, is a testament to the wood-burning ovens used to keep true to the Italian tradition. The ingredients are great. Real mozzarella displayed for doubters to see. And to top it off the small sit in restaurant has an artistic twist.  Decorated with floor to ceiling chalk board walls. Making it an interactive place to eat and dine. Read the rest of this entry »

Miami’s 1 Year Anniversary Party for Wynwood Brewery 8/16/14

Miami’s 1 Year Anniversary Party for Wynwood Brewery 8/16/14

Wynwood Brewery  celebrates there one year of birth this Saturday 8/16/14. One of the only local Miami crafts beers, well beer period. We recommend the 5.0 % La Rubia version when you attend. Wynwood BRewery will go all out with street closures, music and food trucks. Also the will unveil the a new milestone for the local company, Wynwood in a bottle. See you there.

Where: 565 NW 24th St, Miami, FL

When: Saturday 8/16/14   noon to 10pm

via: theDailyWood  and YoMiami

Call To Artists: Bombay Sapphire x Scope Arts Fair: entries due 8/16/2014

Call To Artists: Bombay Sapphire x Scope Arts Fair: entries due 8/16/2014 

Bombay Sapphire is looking for the next big name in visual arts and needs your help! There are great prizes and recognition.

The way the program works is:

o Artists from around the country submit their work to a website  (www.bombayartisan.com ) by August 16th.

o From the submissions, we have 10 regional finale events around the
country that stand in galleries for a minimum of two weeks. This is a juried exhibit – The New Orleans event will be at the Brisky Gallery on October 11.

o If artists aren’t in or around the 10 regional markets, there are two at
large spots that are awarded to the top two artists that get the most votes on their works

• So, we take 12 artists to Miami to exhibit at SCOPE MIAMI BEACH during Art Basel

o Their exhibit stands at SCOPE MIAMI BEACH from December 2nd – 7th

o In addition to this, there’s a finale event at SOHO Beach House on December 4th where the Artisan Series grand finale winners are crowned

The top three pieces from the event get to participate in the Artisan Series Mural Project where the artists create a mural in their home market, and have an unveiling event for PR support (April – May)

The grand prize winner will receive a solo show @ SCOPE NEW YORK in March

Miami Street Photography Festival entries due: 10/20/14

miami call for artist photographersABOUT 

The MSPF© is an international photography festival showcasing the best of contemporary Street Photography viewed through the eyes of emerging photographers in this genre. The goal of the Festival is to establish a global platform for learning through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other events.

This Festival is a collaborative effort to advance the work of photographers who pay attention to everyday life in order to capture the world around us.

Street photographers use their keen sense of observation to capture compelling candid moments in the everyday life of strangers, whether it be a gesture, facial expression, action or scene. Their method is often likened to a mirror held up to society…it reflects reality. There is no set-up involved, no manipulation of the scene and very little or no post-processing of the image. This realism has provided an accurate and insightful record of street culture throughout the world. With images portraying everything from the ugly, gritty side of life to more humorous situations, they are moments that unless captured, might otherwise go unnoticed.

At the heart of street photography is the ‘decisive moment’. This is the split second when an image becomes complete in its composition – when each element of the image is in balance, in context and essential to the scene. This is when the shutter is released and the moment is captured forever. Read the rest of this entry »

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