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Parking and Route Map

map parking in wynwood miami art walk

Parking and Route Map

So before you go to artwalk download the Pay by Phone app. As of October 1,2014 parking along the sides of the streets is metered. However, you might have to make a few loops and get lucky enough to find someone leaving. You can usually find open spots along NW 27th street and 2nd ave since it is 3 blocks from the main activities. Also along NW 24th street and North Miami ave.

For more convinience there is parking for pay all along empty lots that will cost you around $10. It is highlighted in green on the map. One parking many don’t see and is usually available is right in front of Cafeina Lounge on 23 street. It was $10 dollars last time I went.

Here is map of the quickest way to get to Wynwood during Art Walk. I usually get off at N.E. 2nd Ave from the 836 east. (like if going to the AAArena or Arsht Center.) Make a left north on N.E 2nd ave. In about 3 miles make a left of 20th street. Go over train tracks. Then make a right on NW 2nd ave. In 4 blocks you will see the festivities. Siri will tell you to take the 112 or I-195 east to 36th street. But being that its Artwalk, that exit is going to be packed. On regular days it is recommended. So trust me on this route. Also, be mindful of your surroundings and do not confuse NE 2nd ave with NW 2nd Ave. N.W 2nd avenue is where the Wynwood Art Walk takes place not N.E. 2nd Ave.


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