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Art Walk at WYNWOOD

23 Street NW 2nd Avenue, Miami FL

If this is your first time at the famous Miami Art Walks then refer to this map cause it’s not easy to get around for a first timer. This event which happens every 2nd saturday of the month has really grown to become an event.  Come early at around 7 pm. If not, parking gets a bit hectic. Anyway, check it out. As you can see, most of the action is located at NW 2nd ave NW 23st. The best galleries are there with consistently good art. We are talking Praxis Fine Arts, Pan American Art Projects(24st st.), NOW contemporary and others. Also the famous Wynwood Walls are near by. Where exactly? Follow the music! Are you gonna be hungry? Well follow your nose, because the gang of gourmet food trucks are enticing.Click here for some restaurants we recommend.

Best way to get to the Art Walk is to take I-95 (north or south depending where you are coming from, then merge to 112 east (beaches) aka Interstate 195,  get off at North Miami avenue exit. Head south of North Miami Avenue. Finally west (right) on 23st. Or just click here for Google Maps link. Follow ArtofMiami on Instagram for creative Miami updates.

Click Here for:  Our Miami Video Tour on YouTube


For mapped locations of the massive mural collection at Wynwood click here

Click on map to enlarge


Recap Vid of Wynwood Art Walk




40th Street North Miami Avenue, Miami FL

Get around the gallery walk that takes place at 40th street just north of the Wynwood Gallery district. Sam second Saturday of every month just like the Art Walk at the Wynwood area. This art walk of town is a bit more conservative than the southern counterpart. For more details of events and shows taking place at the Miami Design District here a




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  1. Brian Starkey says:

    I am planning to visit the Art Walk. Am I allowed to display a couple of pieces of my artwork or do I need some kind of permission? I am living in Ohio and really want to leave because this is not a place for art. I was told about Wynwood and that it is where I really need to be.


    Brian Starkey

    1. Sophie Brown says:

      Definitely in Wynwood Walls you are not allowed to display your work, however outside this I am sure you are able to display your work as long as it doesn’t cover other artists work, but I may be wrong.

  2. stephanie says:

    hi!!! i will see all of you I am really excited i am a first timer 😀

  3. Lilibeth says:

    Hello I am curious to see what I’m reading here in person about wynwood but , I would like to know if I have the chance to meet any famous artist ? Cause i am inlove with art is my passion , and I would like to have the chance to grow up but I need a clue. One of this days I’ll go to wynwood , is not far from me :)

  4. viviana says:

    I’m vendors 786 484 44 68

  5. geneisha says:

    first time!! so i am curious to know if this event is free like the lake worth street painting?

  6. Jackson S says:

    It’s not as easy as NYC or California where artist are looked after and are allowed the freedom to setup their work. You need permits which you can get and have to apply for pay upfront at the designated offices.
    There is an art market in Wynwood too where you can sell alongside other artist but this too is a process.

    Check around online the information is all there. Don’t risk having your stuff taken away.

  7. Kevin says:

    I’m from New York I would love to be able to show my work in wynwood . What do I need to do to be apart of this movement?????

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    […] there in 2011.  It’s filled with hip art galleries and restaurants. Not to miss: the monthly Wynwood art walk.  While in Wynwood, I headed to its new hip neighbor, the Arts and Entertainment district.  This […]

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