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Art of Miami

The mission of is to contribute in making Miami the cultural hub of the United States. We take a light hearted approach in provided news and events of all the local art scene. We have no interest in trying to define what Miami’s art scene should be. We rather celebrate the accomplishments of all art of Miami that will bring recognition to this great multicultural city of Miami. Let’s allow the public decide how to shape the art scene of this city. So, if you have any news, accomplishments or ideas that will contribute to this mission please let us know.

submit to:


1. Send event title, important information as it relates to the arts and image flyer 645 pixels in width.

2. Allow 24 hours for your event to be posted

3. Have Facebook friends like the post. If your event reaches 30 likes it will be placed in the side bar as a banner.



1. image of art for purchase 150 x 150 pixels

2. link to your shop (ex; profile) or website

3. Short description of items for purchase.


ART WORK in our gallery section

1-short description of work.

2-Images (1-2megabytes) in size. Up to 3 images.

3-Website, Blog or Contact Links (already active)

and please write ARTIST in the Subject portion of the email.

We will evaluate and display your work for FREE at the gallery section of the site, given that your work is equal the goal and mission to Please send your materials to Please remember, we do not share your content with anyone however, once uploaded your art work and material will become public. Also, any written material sent to us can and may be altered to suit the post or article being written about it.



  1. Adiana says:

    Kudos! What a neat way of tihnnikg about it.

  2. Scott Matthews says:

    I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “relevant” as “relevent” on your website. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine and they can ruin your website credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistake off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr

  3. Michelle says:

    I want to know what I have to do to sell merchandise at art walk?

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