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Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade Makes Art, Like with Paint

picture via Instagram @DwayneWade & @MisterDubb

Dwayne Wade’s Makes Art, Like with Paint Dwayne Wade’s art can now be seen at Brisky Gallery in Miami Wynwood District. Part of the #ArtOfBasketBall Series. On display at Brisky is an original 46″ x 36″ inch abstract work of …

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Dwayne Wade Boosts Wynwood Mural “Make Your Own Way”

make your own way

This year D-Wade has been promoting his “Way of Wade “campaign heavily. We think that is why D-Wade decide to contribute to Art Basel Week with a “Make Your Own Way” mural in Wynwood. So much so, he went on …

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Super Realistic Lebron in the New NBA 2K14

lebron virtual

The super realistic graphics of the NBA 2K14 releasing via PS4 are scary. Take a look at Lebron James avatar completely render in details that include his tattoos and wrinkled forehead. Damn! We have come along way from fascinating sneaker …

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Skyline Makes Miami Proud During NBA Eastern Conference Finals

If you watched last nights game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, like me, you felt a deep sense of pride when our boys beat down the Indiana Pacers. Yet one more scene evoked a sense of pride and …

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10 Nations Tank by 10 Deep

  Lebron James wore this black native american patterns tang top last Friday at Club Play and had us searching for its origin. Well the was able to provide. Cool design. Wanted one as soon as I saw it. …

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lebron t-shirt saying earned not given

That’s Right:”EARNED NOT GIVEN” Here is another Lebron t-shirt design celebrating the 2012 Miami Heat NBA championship. He wore this in this Sundays interview with Rachel Nickol’s For ESPN. We are happy that many of the t-shirts hating on Lebron …

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Best Heat T-shirt Design We are so proud of the Miami Heat. Each an every player contributed to the realization of an NBA title. Lebron James has gone through so much and now he can shut the critics up and …

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