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letters with buildings

Next time you wonder the crowded streets of the city look up. You might find a letter right above you. Designer Lisa Rienermann created the entire alphabet by being aware of her surroundings. Her quest was to catalog the entire alphabet …

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Artists Promotes Compassion for Animals thru His Art

animals drinking together by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang

Artists Promotes Compassion for Animals thru His Art With Ringling Brothers Circus in town I’ll take the opportunity to introduce you to the art of Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. Cai Guo-Qiang’s latest installation, creates a surreal scene. Qiang creates super realistic sculptures …

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Artist Turns Money into Comic Books

benjamin franklin superhero money by Aslan Malik

Abraham Lincoln as Flash, Alexander Hamilton as Batman, Benjamin Franklin as Green Lantern, German artist Aslan Malik turns presidential portraits into comic book superheroes. Wether he actually defaces these bills is yet unknown, but would it make any difference? It would …

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The creative fluency of make up artist Tal Peleg can not be denied. Coming up with endless possibilities to converting the human eyes into fantastical scenery is her specialty. Remember the Burger King ad we posted a while back? Wonder if she was …

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Creative New iPad Commercial

Very creative commercial had me going all up until the end. Great job! Share this:

Move Over Michaelangelo Here is Ron Mueck

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Funny Pregnancy Photography

funny pregnancy photography

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Alien DJ by Art of Miami

alien DJ

Instagram pic of the day. Found this while going through some old sketchbooks. This one dates back to 1996. I remember making T-shirts of this sketch and selling them at school. What were you doing in ’96. Follow @artofmiami on …

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Invisible Staircase – Art of the Day

illusion art of staircase

Pretty awesome! Hope you are inspired. Share this:

Best Pics From #VixenArmy Selected by Art of Miami


Inspiration from this post came from innovator of the popular Vixen Workout created by Miami’s own Janet Jones. Enjoy the motivation pictures by participants of this workout craze. The Vixen workout is the latest workout to hit the dance fitness …

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