Miami Skyline scene from NW 41st picture credit

Miami Skyline seen from NW 41st picture credit

Top Scenic Routes of South Florida

Summer is coming up. Soon the caravans of road travelers will be passing through our city. So lets show them what are the best scenic roads our city has to offer. The criteria was based on roads that provide great vistas and have local appeal.

This post will also serve as inspiration to our fellow artists and visitors from out of town. Take your car, put down the windows and just cruise through one of these scenic routes of our city of Miami. We assure you that ideas for a new painting or sculpture or whatever, will start flowing like the wind. Here are the Top Scenic Routes in Miami according to

Old Cutler Road painting 1. Old Cutler Road: Loved by the locals as one of the best ways to take the long ride home. Used in the morning as the back road to escape the morning traffic. And painted by beloved local artist Federico Carosio. Old Cutler road in sheltered by a similar canapé effect as in Coral Way except for that it goes on for miles. This road is one of the few that snakes and curves giving the most experienced drivers a challenge. Attractions to stop by while in route is Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Matheson Hammock Park and The Deering Estate. Old Cutler road comes in as number one scenic road in Miami. (picture credit: Federico Carosio Art)
2. Ocean Drive: Scenic to the left and to the right side windshield. You can not drive by Miami without experiencing a drive through Ocean Drive, although it might be more of stroll if you come at night. Even if roller bladders whisk by as you are at snail’s pace admiring the neon lit Art Deco buildings, the crowds and the cars strutting their muscles, Ocean Drive is well worth it for a first timer. Or even a local who has not been there in a while. Every year it gets more and more spectacular. Plus you’ll be drive through “Miami’s biggest museum” a collection of art deco architecture dating back to the 1920’s. Ocean Drive comes in at #2 scenic route in Miami.
miami skyline 3. Ricken Backer Causeway: Ride on top of Miami’s highest point. The ride that takes one over to Key Biscayne is equivalent to climbing a hill in San Francisco. So much so that, as you drive over the bridge you will see a caravan of cyclist using it for mountain bike training. But it is hard to focus as you’ll see a stunning view of the Miami Skyline to your left. Attractions along the way are the legendary Rusty Pelican Restaurant, Miami Seaquarium, Crandon Park and Tennis Stadium.(Sony Erickson). Rickenbacker causeway is the number 3 scenic road of Miami. (picture credit: Loric Wilson ‘s flickr)
Krome Avenue 4. Krome ave: Tired of the hustle and bustle of Miami? This drive has a picture perfect sunset over rows of strawberry fields that will leave you breathless. Show starts around 8:13 in the summer and last 15 minutes. Attractions on route Everglades National Park, Shelley’s wine tasting and Spice Park. Not to mention all the local mom and pop eateries and fruit shops along the way. Hurry up ’cause with all the construction going on this serene place might soon be a thing of the past. Krome Avenue comes in as #4 of most scenic routes in Miami. (picture credit: Gilbert Laraque Flickr)
Coral Way miami florida 5. Coral Way: a must when someone from out-of-town comes to visit in Miami. Coral Way is a dynamic road that stretches from Downtown Miami to the suburb of Westchester, where the annual county fair takes place. But the part you wanna look for is inside the section of Miami-Dade called Coral Cables. This picturesque route is always depicted in the many paintings at the Annual Coconut Grove Art Festival. It is covered by oak tress that drape the pavement with their shadows. The tunnel effect is dramatic and fun to drive through. Check out some of the houses owned by some of the wealthiest in Miami. (picture credit:wikipedia)
scenic route miami at night 6. Brickell ave: this is definitely a “sunroof down” type of drive. Keep it down as you enjoy the many skyscrapers that border this scenic route. Come day or night to get a different feel. Make a turn on 10 street to get a taste of the yuppie night life. Then head north on brickell and as you cross the historic Brickell Bridge acquaint yourself with the Tequesta Indian, two of Miami’s landmarks, one entitled “The Pillar of History” and the Miami Circle are here.

7. Pine Tree Drive: (update) Now made infamous by pop-singer Justin Bieber for being the location of his drag racing and subsequent arrest in Miami Beach.Pine Tree Drive is a long and quiet 4 lane road. Huge pine trees line this scenic road in Miami Beach, making you feel like you’ve been transported to the Carolinas. This route is favored by cyclist. Which kind of baffles me ‘cause there are no bike lanes. But for some reason everyone respects the lines of cyclists riding on the car lane. Not sure if it’s an actual city law or an unspoken rule that allows them to ride there. Regardless Pine Tree Road is uniquely Miami Beach and comes at # 7 in our most scenic routes of Miami. After you finish viewing and the riding through the tunnel of Pine trees on Pine Tree road, stop by the Holocaust Memorial and then head west on 41st to take part in #9 of our list of scenic roads of Miami.(picture credit: Harold Rosario for
8. Card Sound Road: This one is not located in Miami, however it is very dear road in the hearts of many Miami locals. Specially those that have taken the trip to and from the Keys and deviated their path to take in the scenery. My dad use to say this was a short cut to Miami but I think he would just say that to convince us to take his favorite route.
9. 41st street: Because it is the most culturally and ethnically diverse street in Miami, 4ist street comes in as number 9 of the most scenic roads of Miami. It starts at the business center of Miami Beach. Take this road from the beach heading west and it will transform its character 6 times. 4ist street goes from predominantly Jewish neighborhood at The Beach, the artistic district and then Puerto Rican Neighborhood of Wynwood, then the Dominican section of Allapattah, crossing the train tracks by the airport you enter the enchanting town of Miami Springs and finally the vastly Venezuelan majority city of Doral where Univision has it’s headquaters.

Our “Miami Staycation” Video featuring some of these scenic roads and the Chevy Camaro Convertible Press Play

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    I would like to have photos of beautiful scenery along coastal area and view along scenic road.


  2. Charles McCool says:

    Great choices. Calle Ocho / Tamiami Trail is another, especially out west.

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