SOBE1. South Beach: Yeah I said it! South Beach is the number one art museum in Miami. SoBe with its 3 mile radius collection of art deco buildings that date back to the 1920’s, by far has the largest collection of art in Miami-Dade County and if not the world. Not only that, but at night you can see the entire collection in an entire different way. Light up in neon lights. South Beach is Miami ‘s number one museum. Oh are you thinking of going to SoBe today? Check out the weather first via the live web. JUST CLICK HERE



 2. PAMM: 
Notable works at the PAMM are works by Marcel Duchamp, Frank Stella and George Seagal. Other than for its stunning views of Biscayne Bay and cutting edge architecture,  I also love this museum because it works together with the community and families. Which is the true purpose of a Museum. Check out the “social” section on their website for upcoming meet and greet events. The one thing I don’t understand about this museum is why it doesnt have any works by Romero Britto. Yet they have works that most Miami folks can not relate to.



bass museum maimi beacj

3. Bass Museum: Because its one of the few museum that has works of art that date further than the 1900’s, I chose the Bass Museum to be number three. Not to mention that it is located inside the best and largest museum in Miami, South Beach.





dolphin player at the lowe4. Lowe Art Museum: at the University of Miami campus comes in at number four. It houses art from all the 6 continents that humans have made art at. Guess which continent is has not. By the way there are 7 continents in total. All kidding aside the collection at the Lowe is extensive. They just opened the Pailey Pavilion, housing contemporary art by the likes of glass sculptor Chahuly. Oh, why the football player pic? Oh it brings back memories of when I took field trips to the Lowe as a child living in Miami. You’ll see it when you go. It’s still there!



5. The Rubell Family Collection:This museum has works by the likes of Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons and local Miamian Purvis Young.It is not quite in a museum facility but the collection ranks at the top five of the list. Such a friendly environment at this museum that one feels like part of the Rubell Family. I’ve been there a couple of times for workshops and the experience was wholesome. However the collection if very edgy so I would not recommend some galleries if you are with children.



frost museum picture6.Patrica & Phillip Frost Museum: this museum houses noticeable works by African American artist from Harlem, NY, Jacob Lawrence.  I had to include this museum because the architecture of the building it self is a work of art. It is a gorgeous building. It is located at Florida International University. Just like the Guggenheim in New York, I recommend taking the elevator to the top floor an then viewing the art as you walk down.




  1. vivian azalia says:

    what about the Museum of Contemporary Art?

    1. Art of Miami says:

      Never been! Is it any good? Haven’t heard any good things about it yet.

  2. Darrell says:

    You didn’t mention PAMM, the Perez Art Museum Miami. It’s right near the Arsht Center and has a large collection of 20th century work. They currently have an exhibit of Ai Weiwei’s works (through March 16, 2014), among a lot of other artists. The building is also striking.

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