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Must Know Before You Go to Universal’s Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay tip and trick in 4kMust Know Before You Go to Universal’s Volcano Bay

Something You might not know and its imperative in order to get in the park or have a good time is that the park actually opens at 8 am. The trick to getting into Volcano Bay is to get their super early. It says the park opens at 9am but it actually opens a 8am. The rides do not start working till 9am. This is something most people don’t know. We got there at 7am and a line was already formed. We finally got thru and it was so much fun. Also buy your ticket ahead of time. You can go the day before like we did or use their app. Here is a link. 

Our Experience at Universal’s Volcano Bay- A Horrible Experience Turned Good

Volcano Bay is the new theme park by Universal Studios in Orlando. Its a Polynesian themed water park located in what used to be Wet n Wild. We went there on the busiest time of the year, July 4th. Not only are all the kiddos out for the summer but so are their parents for Independence Day Weekend.

Our very first experience at Volcano Bay was horrible! We got their at 3pm and could not ride any of the rides because of the non stop rain. We were totally bummed out, specially since the ticket clearly stated “no refunds.” After  lots of  nagging from my wife to customer service and beg for a refund, I finally went and gave it a try with low hopes in mind. To my surprise Volcano Bay gave us a complimentary pass to come again when ever we chose and even gave us our parking for FREE. We were so happy to see them have some compassion for our situation.

Taking the advice of one of the employees we came back the next day at 7 am. The park Opens at park rides start at 9 am but the park opens at 8. When we got to Volcano Bay, the security line was already huge! Took us about 30 minutes to make it to the buses.  And after waiting for another 30 minutes for some beach chairs, we were on our way to some Family Fun.

Things we loved.

First of all the no wait system they have is very efficient and organized; we had no hassle even with he busy holiday. The rides are great to bond as a family as most of them are 4 to 6 seaters. Our favorite one was Krakatau, a 4 seater inflatable canoe that propels you up and down and through the 200 foot Volcano at the Park. But lastly we all agreed that it is underpriced for what you get. I mean the rides are much more fun then Disney World, which we had went the day before. You get to ride more rides than at other theme parks because of the no wait system. You also get to beat the Florida heat, which is nothing to play with in July,

Volcano Bay was an awesome park, affordable and fun for the family. When we got home got and woke up the next day, we spend the entire day chatting about our experience, reminiscing  and reliving the fun we had.

Like always, all my opinions are my own. We were not paid or compensated by anyone for the content of this post. Hope you go to Volcano Bay!

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