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Secret Spot for Scenic Pictures in Miami

Secret Photo Spot Miami-2

Secret Spot to Scenic Pictures in Miami

Just found this spot for taking really unique pictures in Miami. It’s great for portrait photography with a small budget but have the look of having traveled to an exotic location. Located about 30 minutes from Downtown Miami, The Secret Garden is a lush outdoor studio that makes pictures extraordinary. We had a FREE tour of the property and these reconnaissance photos of the property. Below is the address to the Secret Garden but note that outside its Labeled The Coral Garden so be careful to not get confused like we did. Check out some of the pictures we took at this exotic location just minutes from Miami.

More pix press button Below.

Secret Photo Spot Miami-2 Secret Photo Spot Miami-3 Secret Photo Spot Miami-4 Secret Photo Spot Miami-5 Secret Photo Spot Miami-6 Secret Photo Spot Miami-8 Secret Photo Spot Miami-11 Secret Photo Spot Miami-12 Secret Photo Spot Miami-14

The Secret Garden Miami

14450 SW 248th ST Miami, FL 33032

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