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Yoga Artist “Bombs” the Beautiful City of Miami

Pablo Milian Performance Art at Bay Front Park pic by Harold Rosario
Yoga Artist “Bombs” the Beautiful City of Miami

Founder of Wynwood Tony Goldman once said that real estate was his away of saying “I was Here” to future generations long after his death. “Bombing” is a term used in the graffiti world for the act of leaving your mark across the city. Yoga Artist, Pablo Milian has found a unique and personal way of leaving his mark around the city of Miami. He doesn’t spray paint walls rather places himself in graceful Yoga inspired acrobatic poses all across the city and captures the moment in photos. From scenic backgrounds to architectural structures, the next interesting location for an acrobatic photo is always a brainstorm in his mind.  We had the pleasure of meeting up with Pablo and capturing him in action. We sent’s own Miami Photographer Harold Rosario to collaborate with Pablo and the photos were amazing. Take a look below at some cutting edge photos of Pablo Milian at some unique places in our city of Miami. For more photo of the Pablos acrobatic and yoga artistry click here for his Instagram.

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Miami graffiti on metro rail

Pablo with Graffiti Tagged Metro Rail 2017

MIami Acrobat Super Flag-2Miami Acrobat 4 pablo for web-18 Miami Acrobat Miami Acrobat MIami Acrobat grabing flag-1 miami amtrak station acrobat
Miami Acrobat Miami Acrobat Miami Acrobat 8 MIami Acrobat Super Flag (1 of 1)
pablo for web-2 miami action photographer

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