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Most Scenic Restaurant in Miami Perfect for Mothers Day

sushi rolls by the sea

Sushi Rolls at Beach Bart at Newport Pier pic by Harold Rosario

Most Scenic Restaurant in Miami Perfect for Mothers Day

We found the perfect restaurant to take your mom out for MOther’s Day. It has what I thin is the most scenic view out of all restaurants  in the Miami area. Its called Beach Bar at Newport Pier. Call 5 minutes ahead of arrival to get a seaside seating on the pier. When we went the weather was perfect. South easterly winds made the waters calm and transparent. The menu for non-seafood eaters at Beach Bar is limited but seafood choices are plentiful . Since I’m allergic to seafood it is imperative to have my meal cooked on a separate pan and or grill. The staff is always more than pleased to accommodate my needs.


The scenic Beach Bart at Newport restaurant in Miami epic by Harold Rosario

We took my mother in law for a late lunch and she loved it. “Its like going on a mini vacation” were her words. Trust me, go at noon or mid after noon, this is the time the waters are a brilliant turquoise and picture opportunities are optimum. One last thing. If parking is scarce, park at the Newport Hotel next door. Its $10 if you spend at least $50 at eh restaurant. Check out the video of our experience at Beach Bar at Newport Beach. Press play below.

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