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Photos of the Frost Science Museum (Social Night at the Frost)


Photos of the Frost Science Museum (Social Night at the Frost)

Tuesday  we had a great time at  the new Frost Science Museum which hosted its first social event by invitation only and sponsored by the Miami Downtown and Development Authority. Our first experience and what came to be the highlight of the night was the planetarium’s 4D experience. It took us on a virtual tour of our galaxy. We flew through space, pass our neighboring planets to then finally pierce the earth’s atmosphere. As we made our approach to the city of Miami the crowd cheered with pride. I am getting goose bumps as I write this, for that moment was quite dramatic. Unfortunately the audience was left with a taste for more. A sneak peak of the 4-d 8k visual display was all we were going to get.


Food and drinks were plentiful at the event. Culinary delights were art in of itself, prepared by the talented executive chef Tony Terho of Food@Science. We got our first taste of a cuban style beer thanks to Hatuey Beer who co-sponsored the event. Tito’s vodka was another generous sponsor.

The museum is made up of 6 levels. Hard to decide which to see first, we were drawn by the title of the 4th floor, the Vista. We imagined a floor with panoramic views of the city and endless photo opportunities. Our hopes came true when the elevator opened and reveal the fantastic view. Here you get to see the museums aquarium from above and enjoy the open air vistas of our beautiful city.  Take look of the pictures we took from the Phillip and Patricia Frost Science Museum. SCROLL BELOW.

The new Phillip and Frost Science museum is a great addition to our cities collection of cultural enrichment. It does seem like its is still a work in progress. The $28 ticket price is not yet justifiable in my opinion. The museum still in need of some noteworthy acquisitions. For example, Edison’s light bulb, maybe a page from Darwin’s manuscripts or some other famous scientific artifact.  But the good news is that Miami residents get 15% off. So go, have fun and don’t forget your camera.


View from The VIsta floor at the Frost Science Museum pic by Harold Rosario

DSC02542 DSC02559 DSC02579 DSC02582 DSC02585 DSC02619 DSC02626 DSC02638 DSC02677 DSC02689 DSC02692 DSC02706 DSC02715




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