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Damn, GoPro Recalls ALL Karma Drones

Go pro Karma recallDamn, GoPro Recalls ALL Karma Drones

I am a real GoPro fan. I’ve been shooting video with GoPro gear of a few years now and love the ease of use and its innovative ecosystem. When GoPRo’s Karma was announce, I was excited to get my hands on one. Yesterday I finally got the courage to dig into my pockets and pay the $1099 for the Karma Drone  with Hero 5 included. When I got to Best buy, they had a beautiful display of the GoPRo Karma behind plexiglass. I stood their staring at its craftsmanship when some random guy walked up to me and smugly mention that they have all been recalled.  Scared and heartbroken, I confirmed it with the sales representatives and yes its true.

GoPro Has Recalled all of it’s over 2500 Karma Drones that have been sold. The reason has not yet been released but prior to me attempting to by one, video of Karma Drones falling had been posted on YouTube. I dismissed this as an anomaly but its has become  such a safety concern that GoPro did the right thing in recalling them.

Many in the comment sections have speculated that it is a result of faulty batteries suddenly losing the power needed for the motors. When you watch the video’s all have a distinct fading sound of the motors before the drone begins to tilt and finally fall. Check out below some footage of the videos showing a crash of the Karma drone as it narrowly missed hitting an on looker and eerily continues recording his expression.

The good news as far as I’m concerned is that I went ahead the new Hero 5. I’ll be trying it out today and post a review coming up.

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