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The 2017 Lincoln Continental Blogger Event in Miami


Picture by WooSupreme (Edgar Woo)

Picture by WooSupreme (Edgar Woo)

The  2017 Lincoln Continental Blogger Event in Miami

The presidential car for over 40 years. Have you seen the new 2017 Lincoln Continental? It has to be the best reboot of a classic we have experience to date. Last Tuesday we were picked up by a private chauffeur and drove around town on the new 2017 Lincoln Continental. Our first stop was at the Mandarin Oriental restaurant where Lincoln Motor Company hosted us to an exclusive showcase. We enjoyed a 5 star lunch alongside other notable bloggers from the Miami area. The vibe through out the event was of respect, that which Lincoln has for the Hispanic market in Miami and the rest of the United States. The attention to detail and luxury for the client was an experience that I wish everyone could enjoy. We can imagine it is a feeling enjoyed everyday by Continental owners.


The Lincoln Experience was broken down into three experiences. First, the scrumptious lunch at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. Then we had an intimate discussion with Robert Parker (Lincoln); Lily Lopez, President & CEO, South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Robert Lowe, General Manager of the Mandarin Oriental Miami regarding exceptional value of service. But our favorite part  was the Photography experience at Little River Studios with Shayna Batya, a behind the scenes look of a successful photo shoot. Not only because photography is  related to art but because we actually got to drive the  2017 Continental. Our short-lived ride from Brickell to Little River was amazing. We can confirm that all the stories you’ve been told about the Continental are true, the car does drive like a cloud. Driving a smooth and stabilized ride on the harsh urban roads of Miami was a rare treat.

Here are some pictures from the Lincoln Continental Event.

Lincoln 2017 continental grill

Notice how the Lincoln logo multiplies to create the grill’s mesh of the 2017 Continental. Creative.

Miami 2017 Lincoln Continental by WooSupreme unspecified-3 unspecified-4 unspecified-5 unspecified-6 unspecified-7 unspecified

All pictures by Edgar Woo


  • Robert Parker, Lincoln’s Global Director Marketing Sales and Service, is responsible for expanding and solidifying the brand’s identity in the global market. He comes to the position having served as president of Lincoln China since 2014. Under his leadership, Lincoln sold 11,630 vehicles in China in 2015, its first full year of sales – a record for a new luxury brand in the country.


  • Liliam Lopez, co-founder of the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC), shared some trends she has witnessed leading the local chamber of commerce of the increasing importance of exceptional client experience. She brought to life the importance of the female buyer in the luxury business and the role services such as Lincoln’s recently introduced Pickup and Delivery play in purchasing decisions.


  • Robert Lowe, General Manager of the Mandarin Oriental, spoke to the many awards won by his hotel’s client service, allowing a perfect connection back to the investments being made by Lincoln in its client experience – The Lincoln Way. Exceptional service is what distinguishes a 5-star hotel from a 4-star hotel. As luxury brands, that is the reason that the Mandarin Oriental and The Lincoln Motor Company invests in this important aspect.
  • Shayna Batya (Jenny Abrams) is a Miami based visual artist. Her areas of interest include capturing moments between time, vibrant colors, natural light and her present environment. She specializes in photography, creative direction, filmmaking and visual communication. She has had work published from companies such as Puma, Ted Baker and Stella Artois.

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