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Perfect Staycation Checklist for Spring Break (video recap included)

Staycation in Miami video

Staycation Tips for Spring Break (This list will be on going so stay tuned as the checklist grows. Also, feel free to suggest some in the comments below)

So what is a Staycation? It’s a vacation where you become a tourist in your home town. You don’t stay home! You make the time and effort to plan and seek adventures that your home city has to offer. Luckily I don’t live in Nebraska like one of my friends in Facebook mentioned. Yes, I’m privileged to live in a destination that some people have saved up money to just come and visit. The idea for a staycation really came out of necessity as other plans to travel during Spring Break fell through. I originally had planned on a Snow Escapade in Colorado to reward the kids, but their poor grades and behavior led us having  to reluctantly follow through on consequences, even if they hampered our plans as well. Hey, you have to be consistent when parenting or all is down the drain. The first thing you must do when on a Staycation is make a checklist. Below is my checklist listed in the order I accomplished it. I made one that which I’ll share and you can follow through on it and alter as you wish. Share your pictures on social media and tag us with the hashtag #aom_staycation.

Camaro 2016 copyright ArtofMiami 2016

Camaro 2016 copyright ArtofMiami 2016

1.       Rent a Convertible

This was by far the most crucial tip. If it wasn’t for me renting a car for a week I would have made all kinds of excuses to stay home, like it’s too cloudy, to early, too late, blah, blah, blah. This will force you to get your moneys worth out of   your rental and get out the house. Plus who doesn’t love a brand new convertible Camaro. ( not sponsored) No seriously, not sponsored , I wish Chevy would have paid for my staycation. * If you don’t care for cars then rent a hotel room in the tourist section of your city. For a guide of Scenic Roads of Miami click here.

Citi Bike Miami copyright ArtofMiami 2016

Citi Bike Miami copyright ArtofMiami 2016

2.       Bike Ride South Beach

I’ve been bike riding in Maui, Cartagena and NYC but never in Miami Beach. Miami Beach is the epicenter for skaters, cyclist and joggers that commute the twisting side walks in Lummus Park on South Beach. Yet I’ve never done it, until now. We rented the bicycles from the CitiBike stands for $4.00. It’s extremely convenient and affordable. Not to mention fun. Put this on your to do list it’ll bring a new about your city. So much fun we did it twice as you can see on the video below.

Tacos and Tattoos copyright ArtofMiami 2016

Tacos and Tattoos copyright ArtofMiami 2016

3.       Try Trendy Foods

I made it a mission to finally go to some of the trendy places in Miami. On the top of my list was Taco’s and Tattoos in Kendall as its been trending on social media. Tacos and tattoos is a great concept that started by young local entrepeneurs. See my full review of this joint on this coming soon. Pictured above is the Patron with Churrasco. Also recommended is the “Wet Burrito.” Make it your mission to find hidden gems in your area during your staycation.

Everglades Safari Park copyright ArtofMiami 2016

Everglades Safari Park copyright ArtofMiami 2016

4.       Everglades

It’s hard to believe but it was the first time for me at the Everglades National Park. So I was extremely surprised to the proximity it is to my house in Kendall. We took 8th street west past Miccosukkee resort to Everglades Safari Park. It felt like a vacation and just a short drive from home. This lead to our next item of the checklist.

Airboat Miami copyright 2016

Airboat Miami copyright 2016

5.       Airboat Ride

This has now become a must on my list when I have visitors from out-of-town. For $26 dollars you get a 40 minute tour and a thrill ride. I was smiling the entire time as we glided across the flat terrain making for endless filming opportunities. We did this at Everglades Safari Park. The entrance included a nature walk, alligator show, airboat ride and the opportunity the carry a baby gator for a $3 “donation”. It was my first time and it definitely will not be my last. I got inspired to try every Airboat Tour in Miami and blog about it in the future. Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.15.04 PM6.       Ride a Thrill Ride at The Fair

This one was by far my favorite. Lucky for me spring break is when the County Fair is in effect. So it made for a perfect adventure seeking during my staycation in Miami week. A must is to buy the Fun Pass for $28, it allows you to ride unlimited times. Like renting the convertible, the Fun Pass forced me to make the best of the experience at the Fair. Do It!  Every ride is fun. Even the kiddie rides like Dumbo are fun, they give you souring views of the fair grounds, specially at night and sunset. I was transported into a kid again with no troubles in the world but only the excruciating choice of what to ride next. So will you!

  • Alternative ideas: jet ski, parasail, speed boat, hot air balloon

IMG_80837.       Random Formal Night

The idea came to me when our plans to go on a cruise fell through. We love “Capitan Formal Nights” in cruises. Everyone has an excuse to glamour up and look their best. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t do this at home. So, formal night ended up on my Staycation List and it was nice confidence booster. Truly recommend this one. And if you want to kick it up a notch on the dare level, go formally dressed to a casual dining restaurant. Sell it with your confidence!

Stay all night in Miami copyright 2016

Stay all night in Miami copyright 2016

8. Stay up All night and Party!

Perfect town to do checklist item 8. Looking handsome and pretty because of “Random Formal Night” we strolled around town with friends dancing the night away. We stood up ’til the crack of dawn to complete our next item on our checklist. I am truly proud of this one ’cause it took the most effort to achieve and yet I didn’t give up. We almost aborted the mission to stay up, but mustard some last-minute tenacity to stay up and watch the sunrise, which lead to accomplishing item 9 on this list.

Sunrise staycation miami copyright Art of Miami 2016

Sunrise staycation miami copyright Art of Miami 2016

9. Watch a Sunrise

Sunsets are easy and plentiful. However Sunrises take more effort, are rare and thus valuable. They represent a new beginning. If not to a journey than to your day. Take the time to plan your sunset at a good location and with perfect forecast. A good tip is to go to , it’s a website dedicated to forecasting good sunrises and sunsets around the country. We were lucky to catch a good one sunrise in Miami Beach. It’s the opening scene to our recap video below. Press play!

10. Make Recap Video of My Staycation

This one is personal as I am always in the quest to reach my potential when it comes to creativity. So feel free to alter this one to some how reach your potential during your staycation in some shape of form. Click above and watch “My Staycation in Miami” recap video shot using the new GoPro Hero 4 which is by the way fantastic. The quality supersedes it predecessor the Hero 3 by a huge margin. Press Play and enjoy my staycation through my lens.My staycation in Miami awakened a new sense of pride for my city. Compared to the many video’s I’ve made of my travels Miami had an endless amount of footage for me to create. I encourage all of you to use this checklist as a guide to your staycation. You will thank me later.

Like all times we go on vacation when we get back to work we have a glee on on our faces and extra skip to our steps. This time was no different as people at worked could tell. Their starring at me spoke- something is different with him. “Did you go anywhere for spring break?” people would ask. I replied “Yes. To the best city in the world.”

where to fly a kite in miami

11. Go Fly a Kite

This one was so much fun. Adults and children would pass by and make conversation with us just because it sparked a feeling with them. Some of nostalgia and some of just pure joy. Its such a simple and inexpensive idea. ($3 at CVS pharmacy on Biscayne Blvd.) There are many great places to fly a kite in Miami like the famous Haulover Park, The Hill at Tropical Park and of course South Pointe Park. We randomly chose to fly our kites in Museum Park and it turned out beautiful. On Saturdays you can see the cruise ships navigating by making a 360 turn so close to you that you feel like you can touch them. We were even treated a views of a glamorous wedding taking place at the Perez Art Museum’s courtyard. Make some time for this item, it’ll put a smile on your face.

12. Haulover Sand Bar via Kayak

One of the happiest days in my life was a day we went kayaking to Haulover Sand Bar by Kayaking there from Oleta River Park. Kayaks are $45 dollars. A bit pricey but well worth the combination of serenity while paddling thru the quiet Mangroves at this State Park and then arriving at the famous party atmosphere of Haulover Sand Bar. Important tip: Log into to see if low tide will match the day you plan on going for your best experience. Watch quick vid of our fun experience kayaking to Hauler Sandbar in 4k filmed with the GoPro Hero 5. Press Play below.

This list is on going so stay tuned for more items on the checklist o accomplish. Also, feel free to suggest some in the comments below.

All Photos taken by Harold Rosario All Rights Reserved 2016

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