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A Year of Instagram in Miami – Video Recap

FIU shirt miami design district pic by Harold Rosario

pic by Harold Rosario

A Year of Instagram in Miami – Video Recap

This year was special. The Instagram community has grown like never before. Something uniquely special to Instagram are Instameets. A gathering of all your social media “friends” in a real life setting where you can collaborate and interact with them in real life. This year, many in the Miami community held Instagram meet ups. From rooftops, to community pools, museums and more, the locations for these meet ups made for amazing pictures. One of our cities Instameets titled “Color Splash MIA” was even chosen by Instagram as Best Instameet for World Wide Instameet 12. Here is a recap of some of this year’s Instameets that took place in the Miami area.

Filmed with GoPro and iPhone 6.

special footage courtesy of:

@Acetrini87 “ColorSplashMIA”

@RogerBStillz “Human SurfBoard”

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