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My Memorable Lincoln MKX Experience

The new Lincoln MKX pic taken in Krome Avenue

The new Lincoln MKX pic taken in Krome Avenue

Tourist With In Our Own City.

Last weekend we had the new Lincoln MKX for a weekend test drive, courtesy  of the Lincoln Motor Co. My goal with the loan was  to take a tour of Miami and be a tourist in my own city. Also, to drive around town to cover all the top photography and  tourist destination Miami (my city) has to offer.  I took my two 8 year old nieces with me and even though the rainy weather did not cooperate with my plans, the experience driving the beautiful MKX was ever so memorable.

Interior of the MKX

The luxury of the MKX is one that can only be experienced, for its best features are located inside. I had so much fun showing off the features of MKX during my trip around town with to my 8 year old nieces.  Their reactions were priceless. First, I took them to the Perez Art Museum. There, I surprised them by turning on the MKX’s massage chair feature without warning. “Harold, I think…I think your car has snakes,” said the youngest one. Laugh out loud! “You want me to turn it off? I asked. “No, no. Feels good.” Needless to say she road along with the massage feature turn on through out the day.

Miami tunnel with the MKX

Miami tunnel with the MKX

After the art museum, we drove by the cities skyscrapers. A perfect opportunity to reveal the extended moonroof, which was followed by cheers of joy from the two munchkins. And of course, they then begged me for permission to stick their heads out the opened moonroof. Next stop, a cruise through the Miami tunnel where the ambient lighting of the MKX turned on. The interior dashboard, door trim and the cup holder glowed a hot red. “Harold! The water turned into fruit punch!” said my niece. I let them play around with the settings of the ambient lighting and change the color  to which ever they liked, turquoise was the clear winner. The best part was when I showed them the self parking feature of the MKX. I have never seen those to girls so silent in my life. Maybe it was shock, mixed with amazement, but those two were left speechless and puzzled when the Lincoln MKX drove us safely to our parking destination. My nieces and I had such a great time bonding and exploring our city in this stylish ride that it was sad when the experience with the MKX came to end.

The new Lincoln MKX is a stunning vehicle that becomes an instant conversation piece when experience with others. Learn more about the 2015 Lincoln MKX  and it unsurpassed luxury at  Scroll Down to check out my timefreeze video thru Wynwood Miami with the stable ride of the Lincoln MKX.  Press play below.



Selfie Group Shot with the Lincoln MKX Interior

Reflection of the Brickell through the Lincoln MKX moonroof.

Reflection of the Brickell through the Lincoln MKX moonroof.

Time Freeze thru Wynwood

Press Play

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