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2015 Instagram Weekend in Miami (Video Recap)

human surf boring in miami venetian pool

“human surf board” pic by @RogerbStillz

2015 Instagram Weekend in Miami (Video Recap)

If you ever wondered what is an Instameet, well here is a recap of this weekend, designated by Instargram as World Wide Instameet. For Instagram’s 5th year anniversary the Miami Instagram Community got together for a weekend of social media interaction. The event started on October 3rd early in the morning with local photographer Anthony Jordan (@AntJphotog) leading an early morning photowalk around Downtown Miami. The perfect weather played a role in making the next event at the Venetian Pool fulfill anticipations. This one was co-hosted by Instagrammers @WooSuppreme, @shooterShane and @Brianladder. Sunday October 4th was the official anniversary of Instagram and the community came together in South Point Park with balloons at hand. The perfect time of day and joyous backdrop made for fantastic pictures. Also co-hosted by She.Smiles, @DembyMalibu and @HiTola.  Check out the Top Miami Instagrammers to Follow after you watch the video.

Video shot on iPhone 6 and GoPro for the Underwater footage

Land VideoGraphy by Harold Rosario (@ArtofMiami)

Underwater Footage:

@RogerBStillz: Human Surfboard (Featured in Thumbnail pic)

@ShooterShane : Underwater Selfie and Gopro tour

@Cynlagos :UnderWater GoPro


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