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Miami Artist Creates Alphabet Made Completely of Fossils

Coralphabet by Johnny Robles 2015 $12,000

Coralphabet by Johnny Robles 2015 $12,000

Miami Artists Creates Alphabet Made Completely of Fossils

Miami artist, Johnny Robles took 5 years to complete his collection of fossilized coral that resembles the alphabet. The artist combed beaches and reefs along several keys between the Gulf of Mexico, the Western Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean. Each sojourn to these parts takes anywhere from 4 – 8 hrs, by motorboat or plane from Miami.  The final product is a beautiful rendition of the ABC’s that is completely natural and unaltered. Below is a casual interview with the artist about his Coral Alphabet concept. The original framed “Coralphabet” by Johnny Robles cost $12,000. But if you don’t have that kind of money, prints of the “Coralphabet” are available now. Click here to Purchase. See more pics and Q & A below. 

Q: How long did it take to complete collection? Start to finish.
A: It took 5 years to collect the first entire Alphabet. Each visit I would only select a few I found interesting. After the the 2nd visit not intending to collect, i stumbled upon more. Then I decided I could create a series of these as type faces. Every visit I find new dead coral forms.
Q: I read they are unaltered. Where you ever tempted to
A: Yes they were found unaltered and the challenge to find ones that were stylized, but still legible was my goal. 
Q: Which letter was the hardest to obtain?
A: Letters “S” “G” and last, the letter “M” which I found diving just off one of the shores I combed.
Q: What is the cost of the framed collection?
A: The framed display of this series is $12,000. I designed it so that it can be viewed looking downward, similar to those cases in natural history museums or it could be hung on a wall horizontally reading from left to right, much like the alphabet charts schools used to have just above the classroom chalk board.
Q: What the locations corals were gathered?
A: Bush Key, adjacent to Fort Jefferson. Loggerhead keys and garden key to name a few.

Original Framed “Coralphabet” $12,000

Coralphabet, Johnny Robles 2015

Coralphabet, Johnny Robles 2015


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