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Wynwood Exhibit of the Month at Art Walk- September 2015

Treasure Hunter, oil and crayon on linen, 56×40 in by Cesar Santos

Wynwood Exhibit of the Month at Artwork- September 2015

This month’s Exhibit of the Month is at Waltman Ortega Gallery located in the heart of Wynwood. This gallery will be exhibiting works by the amazing local painter Cesar Santos which are rarely seen in a solo exhibit. Cesar’s hyper realistic oil paintings will leave you dazzling and pondering  his technique. His solo exhibit is in perfect timing to celebration the new school year. The artist incorporates child like drawings, that innocently seem to vandalize his meticulously painted master pieces. “Its a type of “dreaming into my figures” is the connection between both hemispheres of the brain. Its a mockery on technical skills itself,” explained Cesar to us. A truly courages approach to conceptual art. Don’t miss this exhibit! Bring kids. See you there. Click on address below for Map Link. Also, meet the artist this Thursday Sept. 10th. Scroll down for invite.

Waltman Ortega Fine Art

More pictures below…


Accounting, oil on linen, 64x44in by Cesar Santos

“woman” charcoal and crayons on paper by Cesar Santos

Armed, oil and crayons on linen, 63x40in by Cesar Santos

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