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Souvenirs Become Alive in Clever Video

picture by Harold Rosario for @ArtofMiami

Souvenirs Become Alive in Clever Video 

Souvenirs are a away to remember a place and time and possibly people that shared those moments with you. From postcards to shot classes, magnets or sand, there are many forms of keepsakes to cherish these moments. My love for architecture inspired my organic collection of landmark buildings from the places I have visited. Recently, my Dad and I went on a road trip. We used  National Rent a Car and were lucky to be upgraded to the new 2015 Ford Edge Titanium for free. The Ford Edge was a great surprise to our roughly 1,500 mile journey that took us from Washington DC to Philadelphia to New York City, Cooperstown, Niagara Falls and finally Toronto, Canada. I collected  souvenirs a long the way that will spark memories for years to come. This short video illustrates how my souvenir collection comes alive before my eyes and flashes me back to cherished times. Also featured in the video: 2015 Ford Edge, Liberty Bell, the new World Trade Center, the Path Station by Santiago Calatrava, Baseball Hall of Fame, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Rogers Park and more. Press Play.

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