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Rare Photograph Captures Epic Miami Sunset

picture by Mr.E aka @HighDrone on Instagram

Rare Photograph Captures Epic Miami Sunset

Taking a picture at sunset can be a hit or miss. Add the variables made by attempting it with a drone. Whether the sun peaks out through the clouds or whether you’ll get a blurred out horizon or whether your drone will make it back safely all depends in mother nature. What makes this picture more incredible is how the sun is  setting perfectly on the vanishing point of government cut in Miami, Florida, while over coming those other obstacles. New York has Manhattanhedge, but giving this picture, photographer High Drone has baptized Miami with its own, shall I say “Miamihedge.” The making of the epic pic is very touching. Check out the mystic forces that helped this picture come true at the new YouTube channel: Zapography Also follow @HighDrone on Instagram and YouTube.

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