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Miami Artist and FIU Alumni is One of Americas Best

Miami Artist and FIU Alumni is One of Americas Top List 

Honestly it is my first time hearing of this influecial artist so it came to me as a bit of a surprise.  Jillian Mayer is a multimedia artist from Miami, Florida. She graduated from Florida International University, “Go Panthers!” Check out her 1990’s style website for more of her work. at Here is a the write up about Julian Mayer by L.A Confidential

Jillian Mayer’s frst computer was on the bedroom floor; she spent hours in front of it, her body folded over in some parody of prayer. “The computer is your shrine,” she says. “Think of the halo, Byzantine gold leaf—it’s now the glow of the screen.” Mayer, who works with anything from video to photos to other peoples’ pornography, has thrown our search history back in our faces, showing us who we are. And while you can fnd it on YouTube, her art is just as likely to be projected on the exterior of the Guggenheim, at Sundance, or on the streets of Montreal.

By the time she graduated from Florida International University in 2007, followed by an internship at the nonprofit Locust Projects, she’d had a full introduction to Miami’s art scene and become a favorite among those “in the know.” Her comic yet disturbing short film, I Am Your Grandma, at once a message to her unborn grandchildren and a study in meme psychology, garnered more than 3 million views on YouTube, but it was her 400 Nudes, an art installation of both digitally and physically altered images, at the 2014 Montreal Biennial that received real notoriety. For Nudes, Mayer downloaded 400 nude selfes from around the Internet, Photoshopped her face onto them, and recirculated the images online at, a site created especially for the project (tagged with search terms such as “revenge porn”) and on card stock around Montreal. The piece nimbly debates sexual politics and rights of representation and privacy as the online world proliferates. “These are the things I think about—the state of identity, the state of existence,” she says.


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