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New Must Try Restaurant in West Kendall: Mr & Mrs. Bun

Must Try Restaurant in West Kendall: Mr & Mrs. Bun

It doesn’t get more West than West Kendall. But don’t let the sub-urban location deprive you of something new and good. I assure you that Mr & Mrs.Bun will not disappoint. This new gourmet sandwich shop is the creation of talented husband and wife culinary duo. Both are graduates from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School. Their menu is inspired by Peruvian cuisine with an American fusion. While the entrees are the creation of Mr.Bun, the sweets are made specially by the Misses. Everything is made in-house including, well, the buns. We tried both the Short Ribs with Chimmichuri sauce and the Pork Belly sandwiches. Both great with a slight edge going to the Short Ribs Sandwich as it is more likely to satisfy all taste buds. The fat content on Pork Belly can be a turn off to some. But it’s delicious if you pay that no mind. Portions are great but not consistent, as the first time the short ribs seem to be more loaded. Nevertheless, Mr. & Mrs. Bun is a must try and my new favorite spot to eat in the Kendall area.

Mr. and Mrs. Bun founders and owners

Mr & Mrs. Bun

15572 SW 72 St

Miami, FL 33193

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