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Yo Miami’s 4th Year Anniversary Bash 5/24/15

Yo Miami turns four with a celebration of Miami’s top talents!

In four years, Yo Miami has gone from just a facebook page promoting the new venues and events popping up in Wynwood, to a multifaceted artist incubator spanning most of South Florida. From its gallery/artist collective space in Little Haiti the organization has continued to grow as a bridge between the creative community and businesses, creating new opportunities benefitting all involved. Finding a lack of resources aimed at educating the public about the evolution of the Miami art scene, Yo Miami is now launching its own Permanent Collection. This collection will serve as a time capsule and indicator of the progress achieved by the artists who have come to call our city home.

 Serving as the official launch of the Permanent Collection, the 4 Year Anniversary will bring together essentials from all over Miami’s creative spectrum including visual artists, musicians, craft breweries, and food trucks. It will be a way for people to experience firsthand all the aspects of Miami culture that Yo Miami has been fostering for the last four years, in addition to learning more about its newest endeavor.

 The focal point of the evening will be the exhibition titled “What Remains” featuring the first pieces acquired specifically for the Permanent Collection. Fifteen artists were selected to customize seats salvaged from the Miami Marine Stadium, with concepts reflecting the impact that living in Miami has had on the growth of their craft. A perfect metaphor for what the collection is trying to accomplish, the seats will become figurative souvenirs of our cultural history affixed to physical remnants of our city’s history.

 In addition to the stadium seats, there will be a parallel exhibition up throughout the space, mostly featuring works from Yuval Ofir’s (Yo Miami’s founder) personal collection. These pieces are from the earlier stages of local artists’ careers and will serve to illustrate exactly how they came to develop the styles that they are known for today.

 The event is taking place Sunday, May 24th, from 6-10pm at

Yo Space

294 NE 62nd St

Miami, FL 33127

with plenty of free street parking.


-“What Remains” artists: Trek 6, Rei Ramirez, Ruben Ubiera, Jay Bellicchi (Remote), Claudio Picasso (CP1), Yuhmi Collective, Lorie Ofir, Ivan Roque, Raul Santos II (OEMS), Luis Berros (STYLE), Douglas Hoekzema, Nicole Salgar, James Brutus, Nate Dee, and Atomik.

-Featured mural installation and pop up show by Raul Santos II

-Live Music: Juke. Elastic Bond (acoustic set ft. Komakozie). Raffa Jo + Jayjohero.

-DJ: Mr. Jolt (Jolt Radio)

-Local Breweries: Wynwood Brewing Co., MIA Brewing Co., J Wakefield Brewing, Concrete Beach Brewery.

-Food Trucks: Ms. Cheezious and HipPops Handcrafted Gelato Bars.

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