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Wynwood Adds Variety With New Indian Fashion Store(4pics)

New Indian Fashion Store in Wynwood will Add Variety to Area

The new saree store in Wynwood called Rupees, like the Indian currency, will help further diversification in the Wynwood area. As artist would tell you, one of the Principles of Art is Variety, an important attribute to a successful artwork. In this case our art work is the entire neighborhood called Wynwood. The addition of this ethnic fashion store is an awesome new “ingredient” to the Wynwood appeal. Check out Rupees next time you are in Wynwood for a showcasing of beautiful Indian Fashion. The colors alone will leave you dazzled.

Rupees Inc. est. 1994
Wynwood Arts District,
415 N.W. 27th Street,
Miami, Florida 33127

T. 305.576.4368

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