PhilanthroFest 2015 Bigger and Better than Ever 4/11/15 » Art of Miami



PhilanthroFest 2015 Bigger and Better than Ever 4/11/15

PhilanthroFest 2015 Bigger and Better than Ever 4/11/15

Really proud of this event. I have seen it grow from its initial humble launch in 2011 to a now fully sponsored event in a prime location of our city, Museum Park. Brought to you by the same good people at and, PhilanthroFest connects people, passion and philanthropy in South Florida. The yearly PhilanthroFest event is the first-of-its-kind and largest non-profit and community resource fair which celebrates philanthropy and arts in a carnival-like atmosphere with entertainment for the entire family. PhilanthroFest helps non-profits strengthen their communications strategies, donor loyalty and volunteer engagement by providing non-profit executives with educational resources at our Digital Media Institutes. PhilanthroFest helps non-profits excel while connecting the community to their cause – both online and in real life. Established in 2011, PhilanthroFest is a Fiscal Sponsorship Fund at The Miami Foundation. Finally, donations to the PhilanthroFest Fund qualify for the maximum charitable tax deduction allowed by law.




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