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Instagram Chooses Miami as Best Instameet in the World

Instagram Features Miami as Banner for World Instameet Weekend

Its a big deal to the Instagram community to be recognized on Even more so during this past weekend during World Wide Instameet 11. People from all over the world are responding to Instagram’s call to action to meet up with your community and unite for the sake of creativity. The key word, creativity, is coveted by all these that participate. Communities from all over the world secretly compete for the title of “Most Creative Instameet in the World.” So when, Instagram used a pic from Miami’s own #ColorSplashMia to summarize the event, it was a big deal to all of us in Miami and a symbolic gesture to crown us as the best Instameet in the world. The unique concept of “Splashing” Phagwah color dust during an Instameet, made for amazing pictures and was what caught the attention Instagram’s headquarters. ColorSplashMia took place on March 22 at David Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove. Congratulations to @ShooterShane and @Cynlagos for co-hosting the event. Below are some of our favorite pictures form the event. Please follow their accounts and search hashtag #colorsplashmia for more amazing pics.

by @raluca305

by @massaonliang

by @quamethod

by @jeff_lafont

by @dembymalibu

by @templamentis

by @ippyg

by @cynlagos

by @shootershane

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