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#BaselMeet Instagram Meet-up in Miami Photo-Recap (40 pics)

pic by @Mars_elo (Marcelo Paez)

Photo-recap of  Our #BaselMeet Instagram Meet-up Recap

BaselMeet Instagram meet up was a great success. Hosted by yours truly ArtofMiami.com, along side the305.com and Lifetstylemiamigroup.com, the highlights of the Instameet were many. On of the top of the list was stumbling upon Gabrille Union and  @Ijust_lovethis has the picture to prove it. Thanks to The Scavenger Hunt List many had the opportunity to go out and explore, which made that picture a possibility. The photo walk took us from the Bass Museum, where art for the public was perfect to interact with. We then took a stop at the Botanical Gardens, were friendly butterflies were posing for pics. The Holocaust Memorial was magnificent but brought down people’s mood. Yet thanks to @Joem305, he turned us his boom box and it cheered people up! The bamboo trail was a calming surprise to many. The Historic Espanola transported us into the mediterranean in seconds. In conclusion, BaselMeet had a great turn out of friendly, enthusiastic and positive individuals who I will definitely build friendships throughout  the future.

On behalf of ArtofMiami.com, the305.com and LifestyleGroup.com, I want to thank everyone that complimented us on the tour. We worked hard on it, so your kind words meant a lot. I also took your suggestions into consideration for the next time we meet. Also thanks to everyone that help us without  even having to ask. @Mad19 and @OctavioDiaz helping with the gift bags, @Flipaa passing out maps, @Witness_X, @Marcelo helping with the crowds and pics and the nice girls wearing the 305 shirts @tina_gil , @hereisMonique and @Stephs_Music.

Below is photo recap of BaselMeet 2014 enjoy!! For full resolution of the group pics click on the thumbnails twice.


Pic at Holocaust Memorial


















Tola pic by @drchus99

collab by @antphotog and @anagarciaphoto



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