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The Most Creative Exhibit at the Miami Int’ Auto Show

Artist Bisco Smith picture by Harold Rosario for

Cars Meet Artists at the Miami Int’ Auto Show

As soon as you enter the Miami Beach Convention Center for the Miami International Auto Show, make a quick right to the Car Meets Art exhibit. There you will find the most creative exhibit at the Auto Show. Artists, both local and national are exhibiting their unique artistic expressions using cars as a canvas. The exhibit is sponsored by South Motors and Metro Wrapz who did a more than professional job bringing the artists ideas to life. One artist that skipped the conviennce of shrink wrapping her art to the car was local artist Jessy Nite. Jessy Nite was the one brave soul to take to the brush and paint. She will be at the Miami International Auto Show live painting her 2015 FIAT all weekend. Other noteworthy and very approachable artists on display are 2ALAS, BISCO,BK, SONNI and more. So go over to meet these artists and their cars. Or the other way around.

@SonniStudios pic via IG

Krave Art's creation over a 2015 FIAT

@JessyNIte Hard at Work pic via IG

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