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Renderings of New Theme Park in Miami-Dade

Renderings of New Theme Park in Miami-Dade

Growing up in the Southern part of town was partly the reason I smiled when hearing about the proposal of a theme park in South Miami Dade. For years the area has been hoping for some type of development that would revive the economy in South Dade. This part of the area has suffered a lot during and after Hurricane Andrew. The expansion of Zoo Miami into a full theme park, Miami Wild, is would be a dream come true to many in the area and would instill a sense of inclusion to the vision that Miami-Dade has for the future.

20th Century Fox wants $13.5 million from the Miami-Dade County to help fund the proposed Miami Wilds amusement park on county land near Zoo Miami, which is also owned by the county. The total budget is estimated at $930 million, which includes the theme park and its rides; a water park; a 400-room hotel with a Sony Music Theatre venue; a 30,000-square-foot retail and restaurant village; an entertainment center with movie theaters and bowling; an outdoor area for sports; and a 1.5-mile transportation link that brings it all together.

20th Century Fox says it will pay the county $67.1 million in rent during the first 20 years of operation. But the $13.5 million in public funds that they are requesting will go towards replacing two U.S. Coast Guard towers that will have to be torn down and rebuilt (exactly) in another location.


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