Miami Grand Prix Returns to Downtown Miami in 2015 (view race course map) » Art of Miami



Miami Grand Prix Returns to Downtown Miami in 2015 (view race course map)

pic courtesy FIA

Miami Grand Prix Returns to Miami in 2015 (view race course map)

It hasn’t been since 2003 that Formula 1 racing was part of an annual event in Miami. It was called the Miami Grand Prix. Remember that? People would crowd up the metromover in downtown to get free vantage points of the sports cars whisking by. The atmosphere was electric. (remember that word) But then the Homestead Speedway was built and so went the excitement of race cars in Downtown Miami. Yesterday at a ceremony at the Perez Art Museum, Mayor Tomas Ragalado announced that Sports Car Racing will return to the streets of Downtown Miami. This time not Formula 1 but Formula E. The newly electric race car circuit being promoted by Fia Formula e Racing, will once again bring car racing to the streets of Miami. This time the Miami ePrix. Mark your calendars for March 14 2015.

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado at Perez Art Museum pic via:

via: FIA and PAMM on Instagram


  1. Rajiv Latchman says:


    Are tickets going to be sold soon?

  2. Fderico Mora says:

    I need information
    ineed to buy tickets?

  3. David horowitz says:

    Can’t seem to find how to buy tickets. I attended EVERY Grand Prix race in downtown Miami

  4. CR Copple says:

    Found the race to interesting but access over the foot bridges near impossible. No crowd control once inside main gate. No easy water access. Vendors who could sell water ran out befor 3pm. Easy to follow race leaders before pit stop, impossible after. Number balls in the rear fender corner but announcers would not call the car out by number. I have been to a number of well run races but this was not one of them. Grand stand reserve seats was visually impaired by trees. First and last fancy go cart race for me..

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