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Beautiful Rainbow Hallway at Miami International Airport

picture by Harold Rosario @artofmiami

Rainbow Hallway at Miami International Airport

Finally made it to this one of a kind work of art by artist Christopher Janney. Being that I am an Instagram fanatic, I have been dying to add a pic of this location to my gallery on Instagram. But it is not as easy as it seems. The lighting for this picture has to be perfect. Weather must be clear, as any increase in cloud coverage will ruin the effort of going there. Also timing has to be perfect. The multicolored diamond-shaped stained glasses all face west. A 4pm to 6pm arrival is ideal. So  yesterday was a perfect clear blue sky in Miami and I took advantage of it. We parked in the center parking garage at MIA. After quickly asking for the location of this piece we were happily surprised to find out that it was just an elevator ride to the 3rd floor of the parking garage. As soon as we arrive the colorful rays welcomed us. It really lives up to what it looks like in pictures and more. Art that speaks to the masses is my favorite. This public art by Christopher Janney is powerful enough to cause busy passengers to pause for a least a second to experience something unique and routine breaking in their busy lives. Here are some pictures from my trip to Christopher Janney’s art at Miami International Airport.


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