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Top 10 Miami Instagrammers You Must Follow 2014

picture by Shayna Batya @ShaynaBatya

Top 10 Miami Instagrammers You Must Follow 2014

It is that time of year for the Top 10 Instagrammers You Must Follow list. This year the list had the help from the Miami Instagram Community themselves. They spoke and ArtOfMiami listened. Many new faces since last year’s list. With out any more delays here is the Top Miami Instagrammers You Must Follow according to

1. @SantLov

Some of last year’s instgrammers fell out the list for inactivity. Yet SantLov remains on the top of the list for the second year. Gathering an extra 100k followers since last year, SantLov productivity has not wavered, His ToyRLikeUs series has evolved from staged photography to satirical compositions. Nothing wrong with change. After all, if you are not growing, you are dying.

ninja turtles on strip club

2. @ShaynaBatya and @BrianLadder Tide at #2 (both at 50k+ followers, could not make up my mind)


53k strong , 2000k plus post and a couple of features by Instagram itself, the prolific @ShaynaBatya comes in at number 2. Follow and travel thru her eyes to the neighborhoods of Miami and beyond.


An OG in the game. His creativity and motivation has not stopped.
upside down man

3. @NewTeam

He has taken a picture from SPACE!. Outer space people! Who can argue his spot on the list after that? Well, not really space. But this creative picture did create a buzz on Instagram with over 2,000+ likes. How he did it? Well, go to his feed and find out! What are you waiting for? The knowledge is there for the taking. @NewTeam

olloclip from outer space

4. @YTuma

The Geogia O’Keefe of architectural photography is how I can describe this feed. The beautiful geometric and abstract close ups of Miami buildings will make you take to the streets and look up. Gaining 30k followers since last year @Ytuma moved up to number four.

abstract architeture

5. @ShooterShane

The career growth of this Miami instagrammer included a risky name change in 2014. Formerly known as @ ShaneintheMia, @ShooterShane is once again on the top five of this list.

6. @Mr. Antooine

One of my favorites, as this feed inspires my own artistic endeavors. It takes time and creative thought to make this feed possible, so posts are hard to come by. 23K followers eagerly wait the next surrealistic gram from Miami based Mr. Antooine.

selfie death in miami

7. @OasisJae

A nice mix of urban exploration, Miami scenery and perfectly timed pictures, @OasisJae is here to stay.

miami man whole

8. @TheFashionPoet

Up to date with Miami Fashion trends, The Fashion Poet is the perfect Fashion Photography account with a Miami pride theme to go with it.

9. @FatGirlHedonist.

Need tips on taking pictures of food? This is the feed to follow. Join the 14k plus that already do. Warning: if on diet, pictures are very enticing.

10. @Yorch_Miaranda (Jorge Miranda)

Jorge Miranda brings to life vintage characters from America’s past thorough his black and white photographic series. Some of these iconic characters include El Chavo del Ocho (a Mexician comedy legend) Attitcus Finch from the 1962 movie To Kill a Mockingbird and others. His paper characters are meticulously cut out and placed in amusing settings made with objects from our current times. Cleverly posing these vintage paper cut outs with in settings of current era to created humorous pics is Miami’s Jorge Miranda.

miami film maker black and white

Honorable Mentions:


When you think photography has its limits, @Hi_Tola makes you rethink your pessimism. Equally inspiring are his witty choice of words that accompany each post.


Able to make the most mundane settings interesting through clever compositions, perfect timing and unique editing is “Miami Famous” Madeline Luis (@Mad19)


Need I say more? Go follow!


The man risks his life!! Again. The man risks, his, life, for the sake of the gram Climbing up the heights of only dared locations of Miami-Dade, @OneofThe Brave is Miami’s bravest. Not to mention some of the most clever captions for his posts.


Beautiful portrait photography documenting the faces of Miami.


Dazzle at the amazing editing skills by Miami/NYC based @American_Traveler


Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you. This Instagrammer’s pics speak louder than words.

Below are more recommended Miami Instagram accounts that are no less than inspiring.

Hover over the images to reveal the Instagram Account. Also please follow these accounts by going to @ArtOfMiami’s profile and press + on the following section or simply copy paste to your search.

What was the criteria for this list?

In the following order: Personal opinion, suggestions from Instagram followers, and amount of followers per account.

Thanks to everyone that help with this list.

Any suggestions to improve the list please let us know in the comments section.


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    1. Art of Miami says:

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