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Picture Tour of Alexander Mijares’ Loft Style Art Studio (18pics)

Alexander MIjares picture by Harold Rosario for ArtOMIami.com

Alex Mjares’ Biggest Work to be Revealed for Art Basel Week 2014

It was a pleasure visiting the studio of Miami artist Alexander Mijares. One of the highlights was seeing his latest work in progress. At an ambitious size of 7 feet tall and 18 feet of width, it is his biggest work to date. It rivals the size of Picasso’s Guernica. The enormous 1939 painting was in part a source of inspiration for Alex Mijares’ new work. Notice how Alex began this work with a grayscale undertone much like Guernica. However, later he could not resist adding color and employing a new found style of painting. His new works have evolved from his trademark meticulously rendered patterns to a more expressionistic approach. “I like this approach better, it gives me more freedom when painting,” he explained.

Alex’s art studio is an artist dream. The two-story loft is located at the edge of Biscayne bay, with a water front view to the east and city view to west. If ever short of inspiration, the artist can catch a sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening for a motivation charge. The equivalent to a writers block is the artist slump. With access to these two breathtaking views, Alexander Mijares has a double dose to combat a potential case of an artist slump.

More sources of inspiration comes from the variety of artwork that hang on the walls. Some of the art is his own, however, Alexander Mijares also boasts an eclectic art collection of his own. Notable pieces include a panoramic limited edition proof by Shepard Fairey.

If that fails to motivate, he can resort to the what many artist rely on, music. His choice of music while painting depends of the occasion. House Music, he told us, gives him an energy boost in early mornings. Painting at night is totally different ballgame. “I can’t paint blasting House Music at night. I’ll have trouble sleeping later on.” So, sounds of soft tempo Spanish instrumentals come to play.

Alexander Mijares is one of South Florida’s rising stars in the arts. Follow his blossoming career through social media @MijaresArt on Instagram and Facebook. Take a Picture tour of Alexander Mijare’s art studio in the gallery below.

Picasso's Guernica at Reina Sofia Museum picture by Harold Rosario for ArtOfMiami.com

Below is a Q & A with Miami artist Alexander Mijares

Do you play music while painting? If so, what?

Yes. Mostly Spanish guitar and other kinds of tranquil music, but sometimes I like to get amped up with some House music to get the blood flowing.

Has your business degree from FIU helped your career as an artist? If so, how?

Yes, of course. It has helped me with the business side of what I do and also with the marketing aspect of the business.

What artists are in your personal art collection?

Shepard Fairey, Pez, Hunt Slonem, Brainwash, Desire Obtain Cherish, Max Weideman and more.

If price was not an issue, which artist would you like to add to the collection?why?

Picasso, Cundo, Amelia Pelaez and Bansky. I just love their individual styles and the impact they have made with their artworks.

What inspired such a big size on your newest work?

I wanted to make an impact piece, a piece that really told a story, and I felt that size was appropriate for what I wanted to achieve.

I noticed you have a very friendly parrot. What’s her name and why a parrot for a pet?

It’s a he and his name is Nigel. He keeps me company at the studio (his role is to bring the island sounds of birds to the studio! I love nature and the sounds of the beach paired with birds, nature, etc. )He is hilarious.

A loft is perfect flying zone for a Parrot. Do you ever let him out?

He hangs out on top of the cage, but we had to clip his wings to make sure he wouldn’t get hurt or destroy my artwork. I feel like Captain Jack Sparrow with him!

What is in the near future that you would like your followers to know?

I am planning a big show coming up in Dallas and then it’s time for Art Basel! I’m really just trying to spread love with my art.


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    I soon will be visiting Miami with my daughter, a senior at The Cleveland Institute of Art. I’m wondering if there are any artists with open studios to visit? Would love any ideas or recommendations…..

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