Int’l Street Artist Jaz Takes Wynwood 9/13/14 at Yo » Art of Miami



Int’l Street Artist Jaz Takes Wynwood 9/13/14 at Yo <3 305


Int’l Street Artist Jaz Takes Wynwood 9/13/14 at Yo <3 305

Since its inception in 2010, the Fordistas program has set out to create a network of South Florida’s most talented creators, connectors and innovators. The program seeks to foster unique and honest expression while promoting burgeoning, undiscovered talent through ongoing exhibition series. Fordistas, powered by South Florida Ford, provides a platform for emerging arts and culture that previously did not exist in the area.

Following its 2013 Art Basel exhibition, Fordistas evolved to provide year­long residencies in Miami’s art­centric district, Wynwood. Through these residencies, artists are provided living quarters, materials, the opportunity to feature their work in solo Art Walk exhibitions as well as to develop their work within a talent space where the local meets the global in order to demonstrate South Florida’s influence upon their work and vice versa.

The program’s 2014 participants are street artists Axel Void, 2ALAS, Jufe, Pastel & Elian, Jaz, 2501 and Alexis Diaz with a culmination during Art Basel 2014. This final exhibition will document the process of these artists to showcase not only how their work is affected by the city and how the city affects their creative expression, but also how relationships inform and transform artistic production.



Pastel & Elian Currently showing
Jaz September 13, 2014
2501 October 11, 2014
Alexis Diaz November 8, 2014
Friends + Family II CollectiveLOCATION:


December 2014 Art Basel Week
Yo <3 305 Gallery 2311 NW 2nd Avenue Miami, FL


For more information on Fordistas, please visit


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