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South Pointe Pier Opens to an Enthusiastic Crowd (20 pics)

South Pointe PIer Miami Beach picture by Harold Rosario

South Point Pier Opens to an Enthusiastic  Crowd (20 pics)

The long awaited 4 mil project in Miami Beach finally opened to an enthusiastic community. Specially to those of the Instagram community who came out in the early hours at dawn. The Instagram gathering was hosted by Madeline Luis aka @Mad19. Even the gate keeper had a surprised yielded smirk created by the unexpected crowd that formed to see the newly opened pier. Go check out the new South Pointe Pier that your taxes paid for and residents lobbied for. Also thanks D.C for the federal grant dollars. No need to apologize, tourist from across America will enjoy too.

South Pointe Pier

1 Washington Ave.

Miami Beach, FL

All Pictures by Harold Rosario for (except below. Group pic by @AntJPhotog) For more pictures search hashtag #SoBePierPressure on Instagram to see pics from the Instagram community.

Instagrammers at South Point Pier Opening 2014 pic by @antjhotog

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