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Miami Street Artist Stands Up to Corporate Bullying and Sues American Eagle Outfitters

Miami Street Artist Stands Up Against Corporate Bullying and Sues American Apparel For Infringement

Another case of corporate giants taking advantage of artists? Big companies sometimes feel that their corporate and capital might alone deters small artists from believing they have a standing chance in court. Thus, they go ahead and steal ideas from people and pass them as their own. It is not the first time a street artist is reportedly ripped off on the web. Remember when H & M drew negative attention for making products that looked identical to a popular image of mural in Atlanta. The move was posted on the activist site which sparked a firestorm of protests against H & M. How about when Hublot watches launched a Miami themed watch with the familiar logo of This happens to often to artists. But they are discouraged, even by lawyers, from the monumental task of fighting a corporate giant in the courts. Often, the corporation just counter sues for an incredible amount and shakes the will power of the artist.

The art of Miami artist AholSNiffsGlue’s (David Anasagasti) appears all over the Wynwood area. His iconic images of droopy eyes and monochromatic schemes make for great photo opportunities. American Eagle Outfitters agreed. They turned one of his murals in Wynwood into the back drop for a new advertising campaign and (allegedly) without consenting the artist. This goes well over the creative commons license. In one photo, a well-built model is posing with AholSNiffsGlue’s mural while holding a spray can, seemingly implying he is the creator of the piece. American Eagle Outfitters is even accused of hiring artists to recreate the droopy eyes motif for a campaign in Colombia. AholSNiffsGlue’s, maintains that he was never contacted or compensated for the use of his art and has filed an Infringement of Intellectual Property suit against America Eagle Outfitters. Support this local artist in making a landmark decision to stick up for street artists against corporate bullying.

via: Miami New TImes

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