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Pictures that Will Make You a Stiltstville Activist

Pictures that Will Make you Appreciate Stiltstville

One of Miami’s Hidden gems is Stiltsville. A once fledging community of 16 homes suspended from the pristine waters of Biscayne National Park by wooden stilts. Stiltsville is now a collection of 7 protected homes. The protection of these local treasures did not come easy. The victory was achieved through long court battles between stakeholders and The National Park Service.

Through photography Brian Call preserves the unique qualities and history of this Miami Landmark. His photography brings nostalgia, awareness and inspire the continued preservation of this unique place. Perhaps the rebuilding of Stiltsville to the large community it was once is something that can also be achieved. However, rebuilding could be tricky. For the ecological impact of building on boundaries of Biscayne National Park poses challenges and controversy. Yet the continue preservation and maintenance is an issue we should address and be involved. As does Brian Call’s photographic series on Stiltsville. Below is a preview of Brian Calls Photographic series on the 7 remaining homes of Miami’s unique landmark called  Stiltsville.

To get involved in the continued preservation of Stiltsville’s 7 remaining homes please visit (all pictures under copyright by Brian Call)

Copyright: Brian Call

Copyright: Brian Call

Copyright: Brian Call

About Brian Call

Brian Call’s ultimate goal with photography is to encourage others to reconnect with our imperiled natural world. “We are losing wilderness areas at an alarming rate, and developing a greater sense of intimacy with the earth and its natural cycles is of critical importance. Hopefully my nature photography will contribute to inspiring this kind of emotional and spiritual connection that is so urgently needed.”

Brian discovered a passion for nature photography in the years following graduation from Montserrat College of Art, where he studied fine arts and graduated in 1985 with a major in Illustration and a minor in Graphic Design. Through the use of composition and light his images capture a sense of intimacy and wonder, while reflecting his passion and devotion to protecting the natural environment. In recent years his photography has expanded to include documenting Florida’s historical places, such as Stiltsville in Biscayne Bay. His work is repeatedly described as having a unique vision in style and content as well as employing a masterful execution of his craft.  Brian is an alumni of the Artist in Residence at the Deering Estate at Cutler where he had chronicled Florida’s past through a series of fine art photo exhibits – “Wilderness,” “Bay Side,” and his final exhibit “Endangered” – that all detail the beauty and peril of Florida’s rich flora, fauna, and architecture.

Brian has been exhibiting his work in both solo and group exhibitions for several years and is exhibiting at Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery and at Prints Giclee Shop in Miami where Brian is also employed as a fine art Imaging Specialist. His work is collected both nationally and internationally. His photographs have been published in a variety of media including television, print, and the world wide web. Some of his credits include Time Life, Nature’s Best Magazine, National Wildlife, National Parks Magazine, PBS, Nature Photographer, Miami Monthly, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, and the Deering Estate at Cutler.

He has also been heavily involved with environmental issues for many years, particularly with protecting the Florida panther. He has been interviewed several times on camera for television with highlights of his photography, including a PBS documentary about the Florida panther. In January 2007, he and his photography was filmed for an episode of Waterways TV.

The program focuses on how South Florida artists inspire conservation through their artwork.  Frequently requested to speak publicly about his photography and his conservation efforts, he has traveled throughout Florida to speak at schools, public libraries, environmental organizations, civic groups, and private parties.

Brian uses a Nikon digital camera for most of his photographs and also uses video stills capture from his GoPro. His panoramic images are created by taking several sequential overlapping shots, and then he carefully puts them together in Photoshop. You can see more of Brian’s work at

For enquiries contact Brian Call

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  1. Flex Maslan says:

    Excellent!! Here’s am alternate photo tour of Stiltsville from a kayaker’s perspective:

    Only in Miami: Kayaking to Stiltsville on Biscayne Bay:


    It takes a kayaker to photograph a Stiltsville village:


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