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Miami Creative Minds Social Event 7/22/14

Bringing People and Art Together

A gathering place of Miami’s good people, changemakers, activists, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and artists. Come enjoy a welcome drink, tasty food, good company, great art, meet the artists and support the community!
Instagram Hashtag: #RiverOfArt

Featured Artists: Ileana Collazo, Aquarela Sabol, Chy Tea Shoulin

Featured Charities:  PARK Project, Heroines Choir

Music by DJ Hank Justice

Supported by Fabulous Miami – YOMiami – SocialMedia305 – PARK Project – You and I Are Love – Soul Of Miami

Each month, Life Is Art brings the community together at our River Of Art pop-up art-in-public-places show to socialize through the power of the arts with the goal of exposing new artists, introducing new people to art appreciation, providing an inspiring space to make new connections, showcasing local businesses and charities, while providing a fun break during the work week! The modest $10 door fee goes to support Life Is Art’s mission.

Art is an inspiring talking point, discussing it is a great way to break the ice. Culture is one of the primary elements that build community. Hosting a business networker within an art show is a unique way to encourage socializing. Some events include live performances and other surprises! These shows are also important revenue and help us continue our programs.

Soul Of Miami and Life Is Art present the River Of Art 16 Pop-Up Social Event


DATE/TIME: Tuesday, July 22, 6:30pm-9:30pm
LOCATION: LeKoKe Wine & Bites
1225 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135
Tickets: $10 with RSVP using discount code “LIA” ($20 regular price without RSVP)
Funds go to support the arts & community.
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Ileana Collazo
I learned all I needed to about creating art as a young girl in my grandmother’s garden—where I sat doing what as an adult I call meditating—that quiet spot became my temple. Today my art includes flowers, bursts of abstracted shapes and colors, geometrical excursions, digital paintings, and GRAMFFITI (the first graffiti made by a grandma, for which I was baptized IC the G.

Aquarela Sabol
Born in 1977 in a small river town in Ohio, Aquarela Allyson Sabol, began expressing and communicating through the medium of painting and drawing at a very early age. As an only child, she regarded art as an intimate personal companion: a simultaneous source of freedom, connection and inspiration to the world around her. Aquarela’s favorite subject of artistic exploration is the human form, full of beauty and flaws. She strives to portray the intangible quality of “ashe” or life essence of each subject to form a connection between the viewer, the subject and the artist. Each piece created is like the ring of a tree, which over time and years of growth, inevitably form the fingerprint of the artist herself.

Chy Tea Shoulin
Born in 1975 in Rockville, Connecticut, Chy Walton is an emerging artist in Miami and has involved himself with many mediums of art. Acrylic is his preference, he also works with charcoal, aerosol spray paint, acrylic oil, watercolor, wheat paste and others. He has exchibited his works in many venues in Miami and is very active in the Wynwood community.

DJ Hank Justice

PARK Project
PARK Project is a South Florida-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization we founded whose mission is simply to inspire people to Perform Acts of Random Kindness (PARK) every day. We have developed award-winning initiatives to promote kindness throughout our community; one of them being our upcoming signature event, The 5k PARK Fest. It’s a one-of-a-kind, large scale community event that serves as a vehicle for all students to gain hands-on service learning experience, community hours AND FUNdraise for their school, club or favorite non-profit organization.. It’s also a huge benefit to smaller, non-profit groups looking to engage their volunteers and donors as well as corporations looking to raise money for an aligned cause to increase their brand’s community involvement & corporate responsibility.

Heroines Choir
Heroes Unite has been dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through the arts since 1999. Utilizing innovative programming and volunteerism we have impacted thousands of youth, special populations and undeserved communties. Our current programs include MMT (Mobile Micro Theater- bring the latest trends in performing arts to unsuspecting neighborhoods via our fully converted bus to black box theater) SSAS (Daily cultural programing for 6 -12 year olds using the ancient arts of China improving self respect, focus, discipline and mindfulness)  and The Heroines Choir (cancer victors learning how to sing for healing and empowerment)

About the River Of Art Program
The River Of Art is a monthly business networker and art showcase combined. We provide more than just a platform for professionals to get together, discuss business strategies and make connections, we create synergies to help promote business by including an amazing art show of local talent!

About Life Is Art
Life Is Art is a Florida-based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to creating positive change in the community with the arts and culture through events and education. We give South Florida artists and civic leaders the tools to thrive and grow, while enhancing the lives of those living in our area.

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