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Photo Tour of Miami featuring the New Lincoln MKZ (30 pics)

Photo Tour of Miami featuring the New Lincoln MKZ

For the past week we have had the pleasure of testing out the new Lincoln MKZ. We did this, uniquely so,  by going a “photo-hunt” around town. Hunting for photographs is something that as artists we enjoy However the Lincoln’s 38 MPG hybrid engined made the experience convenient and efficient. We never had to refill the tank. First, we thought featuring the sleek design of the MKZ at different South Florida locations, similar to a traveling gnome. However, the project evolved, as we made use of the Lincoln MKZ’s unique features, such as the push-shift technology, power moonroof, remote start system and others. Below, enjoy a photo recap our Lincoln MKZ Photo-Drive.

About the Car:

The experience with the Lincoln MKZ motivated us to do further research on the vehicle. We found that The 2014 Lincoln MkZ Hybrid is the same price as the gasoline version, starting at $36,000. This is rare in automobile industry as hybrid are usually priced higher. (car featured is $45,900)


Ultra Modern Design: Not your usual Lincoln vehicle. The new design is ultra modern with extra emphasis on details. Specially noteworthy: the LED continuous tail lamps and exterior keypad, ambient lighting, programmable seating, split wing grille and the two toned rear bumper. It is clear to see that Lincoln has invested in restyling the MKZ to successfully target a younger market. This is not a retiree’s car any more.

Great gas mileage: the specs on the website estimate 38 mpg but we averaged 40 mpg according to the dashboard readings.

Push-shift technology: The Lincoln MKZ was our first experience with push shift technology. But we were not the only ones. Even valet attendants were puzzle as to how to drive the car. After a brief explanation from my part, they were up to date.

– Drives Like a Cloud: I am sure this is to no surprise. If there is one thing that Lincoln is famous for is their suspension and the MKZ does not fail to impress.


Acceleration unimpressive:  being that it’s a hybrid may be the reason why the engine/motor lacks in acceleration. At 141 hp and torque of 129 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 rpm the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid feels like a standard 4 cylinder engine.

Big key: It’s a minor detail and it is not actually a key but keyless remote. However, the keyless remote of the Lincoln MKZ leaves a noticeable bulge in your pocket.

In conclusion the Lincoln MKZ is a fun, stylish and comfortable drive that is worth its asking price.

Here is a Photo Recap of our Photo-Drive tour of Miami with the New Lincoln MKZ

1. Watson Island

A must take picture while in Miami is at Watson Island. This is the view seen during Heat game cut-aways, commercials, brochures and so on. This place is endangered of being unavailable for  public access due to private development. So enjoy it while you can.

Detail of the MKZ's LED TailLamps and two toned bumper picture by Harold Rosario

2. Ocean Drive

If you are in Miami, you must take a pic in front of the Colony Hotel. Located in famous Ocean Drive, its pastel color scheme and Bauhaus  letters are instantly recognizable by tourist from around the world. How did we manage to park the Lincoln MKZ in front of such a popular photo-op? Hint: wake up early.

Colony Hotel featuring the Lincoln MKZ


Oh Wynwood you have come a long way. You have now become a must stop location while in Miami. Our photo-drive had to make a stop at the now famed Wynwood Arts District. A once deteriorating urban zone, it has regenerated itself to become a full-fledged artists community. Every visit to this neighborhood brings something new, as its extensive collection of street art is ever-changing. This time around was no different. We came across some new murals and freshly restored ones during our photo-drive. The photo opportunities here are endless,so the Lincoln’s MKZ’s remote start technology came specially in handy during this part of our photo-drive.

Wynwood Mural by Okudart picture by Harold Rosario

Wynwood Mural by Okudart picture by Harold Rosario


Street Art by Ente y Pesimo picture by Harold Rosario

"DAM and GRAZE" new way of doing Graffiti picture by Harold Rosario

Street Art in Wynwood by Toofy

4. Perez Art Museum Miami

Here is 3/4 view of the Lincoln MKZ sporting its 19 inch alloy wheels and a custom white platinum  tri-coat. Becoming one of the most recognizable images of Miami is the newly built Perez Art Museum which is set in the background along side  Jedd Novatt’s center piece sculpture.

The Lincoln MKZ with Perez Art Museum in the back Ground

The Lincoln MKZ at the PAMM picture by Harold Rosario

5. South East Financial Center/ Moonroof View

This shot is a must in Miami’s Instagram Community. And its made conveniently possible by the Lincoln MKZ’s power moon roof. The other way about it would be an agonizing walk in the Florida heat.

Moonroof View of Miami's Iconic Tower at 200 South Biscayne Boulevard pic by Harold Rosario

Moonroof View of Miami's Iconic Tower at 200 South Biscayne Boulevard pic by Harold Rosario

6. Moonroof Patriotic Shot

Our Lincoln MKZ photo-drive was coincidently during the double patriotic week. First the FIFA World Cup fever was full-blown in town, specially with Team USA making it to the Top Sixteen Round. And also because it was the week of Fourth of July, which made this photo even more appropriately special. Made possible by the Lincoln’s MKZ’s power moonroof and a little overnight shower from mother nature.

American Flags thru Moonroof of the MKZ picture by Harold Rosario @artofmiami

Here is a full recap from our Lincoln MKZ Photo-Drive experience: (Click on image to enlarge)

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