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Pictures of What the New Miami Science Museum should look like.

reflection architecturePictures of What the New Miami Science Museum should look like.

Recently, I visited the city of Valencia in Spain. One of the top attractions is the City of Arts and Sciences. It is a multi-use complex for the arts and sciences that is built on a dry river bed about 5 miles from the city center. It is an extraordinary feat of architecture that is unparalleled anywhere in Florida. During dusk the architecture takes and entirely different appeal. Its giant turquoise pool transforms into a huge mirror that creates a symmetrical reflection of the entire City of Arts and Sciences complex. Photographers can be seen from all angles capturing this breathtaking daily event. As I admired the scenery before me, my feelings turn into envy. For my city, Miami, in the good ol’ USA, is about to unveil its new Science Museum in 2016 and it will come nowhere near the level of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. If a city so small, in a country with less economical means than the US can do it, then why do we in Miami always settle for some half ass piece of architecture? Like that of the new Frost Science Museum, which I once thought was awesome, but realize it’s basically an ordinary rectangular building with a half sphere protruding from the corner of it. Give me a break. We lack the passion for the Arts that Europeans have, specially when it comes to public works. Our approach is to place projects on public bids for companies to give us the cheapest most lackluster design. Yet we flaunt ourselves as one of the Art Capitals of the World. We will get there, but with better determination and a more competitive mindset. Or cities around the world will reach and claim that platform before us.

We in Miami really need to step it up if we want to reach the next level,  to a world class city status that politicians and city officials self proclaim it to be. In recent years, we have a had three chances to bring Miami to the world stage thru public works, The Arsht Center, the Perez Art Museum and the Frost Science Museum and all have fallen short in my opinion. Either because of lack of passion or because the finish version was scaled down from the proposed plans. Here are few pictures of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia Spain. Designed by architect Santiago Calatrava and engineered by Felix Candela. Hopefully these pictures will reach those responsible and inspire them for future decision making.

All pictures by Harold Rosario for

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