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Art of the Day: Fireman Unveiled at The Coral Gables Museum

Coral Gables Museum by Harold Rosario

Continuing with the series “Interact with Art” here is the new entry featuring the facade of the Coral Gables Museum.  I got the idea for this post during last week’s Instagram Meet Up hosted by and The Coral Gables Museum. During the museum city tour, our guide Patrick explained to us the interesting column design that the museum’s inherited from what use to be the first fire station in Coral Gables. At the tops of the columns sit 3 portraits of fireman sculpted in an Art Deco period style. Searching for an unique angle photograph this feature, I noticed that the bottom on the columns had iron molding which resembled fireman boots. When I pointed this out to Patrick he was delighted that I had discovered something new of the historic design. immediately I knew it would be a subject for my next piece for the Interact With Art series. So I took to a paper and pencil and unveiled the body of the fireman that my imagination saw. Enjoy! Follow us on Instagram for more on our “Interact With Art” series @ArtofMiami

info: Harold Rosario

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