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Instagram Weekend in Miami Recap

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World Wide Instameet Weekend in Miami Recap

Last weekend called to action photographers, photojournalists, and Instagrammers to take to the streets, meet up and share with the world their experiences for that day. Communities from all parts of the world participated and shared their pictures via the designated #WWIM9 hashtag. Miami was not cut off from the World grid, as a total of 4 meet ups took place in our city, all respectively showcasing our eclectic community to the world.

All though the Miami edition of WWIM was successful from a pure participations and enjoyment standpoint, as a community I think we spread ourselves thin. From Coral Gables to Virginia Key to the halls of the Metro Rail, our creative shout-outs to the world were dimmed by the distances between them. Next time Instagrammers should all join forces to make one cohesive meet that makes our city’s talent stand out and brings collaboration between Miami creative minds to an optimum. Here is a recap of the weekend’s event.

Instameet at The Coral Gables Museum picture credit: Orlando Fleites @orlando_shoots_raw

First there was ArtofMiami’s own “”City Beautiful” Instameet which took place the Saturday morning of the World Wide event on May 17th. The meet up’s location was The Coral Gables Museum and proceeded to a walking tour of the City Beautiful, Coral Gables. Designated hashtag #Instameet_CityBeautiful

305 Miini Meet pic at the BIltmore by @sofrdrgz

Simultaneously taking place in Coral Gables was another Instameet headed by photographer David Pulgar (@davidpulgar)The chosen location was the historic Biltmore hotel and had the designated hashtag #305minimeet.

Set the NIght on Fire meet up pic by David Pulgar

Later that day in the evening Instagrammers from both early meet-ups took part in the “Set the Night on Fire” meet headed by Tony (@oneofthebrave) and @antphotog. The location was Virginia Key. Perfectly placed overlooking the Miami Skyline as the sun set. Stunning photos of the sunset and light painting can be seen via the hashtag #SettheNightonFireMiami.

Underground MetroRail Meet up pic by @antphotog

Finally on Sunday May 18th, World Wide Instameet in Miami culminated with the “Underground Meet Up Day,” hosted by Jordan Krate (@gotphotos_101) and sponsored by Lower pro. Just in time for the Metrorail’s 30th Birth Day, Instagrammers captured beautiful pictures of Miami’s Metrorail Public Transit System. What would normally be considered, to everyday Metrorail users, as mundane architecture and corridors, Instagrammers were able to showcase the beauty  with in them. For pictures of this meet search hashtag  #IUMD_Miami on Instagram.

Front Page photo collage credits: @sofrdrgz, @domingogram, @sofrdrgz, @davidpulgar, @edzster, @artofmiami@,surealid, @ippyg, @its_holes @mad19, @batista08, @oneofthebrave, @gotphotos_101, @jonjon_since82, @rita_pitaaa, @antphotog

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  1. Ant J says:

    Hey @ArtofMiami, Great coverage of all of the weekend’s Instameets. Although I have to disagree with you about “ a community I think we spread ourselves thin.” It’s the ability to have the representation that we did at MULTIPLE opportunities over the course of 2 days was a great effort. Although it appears there was a duplication of events on that Saturday morning, most of the other events happened with great turn outs. Speaking for myself, I made 2 instameets over the entire weekend. If I could have attended all 4 I would have because there is so much to see in our wonderful city as well as being able to absorb the creativity inspired by the many other talented instagramers of Miami. Keep up the great work on the blog!

    See you ‘grammin later!


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