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Instagrammers Take Over Coral Gables for WWIM9 Weekend (Photo recap 40 pics)

Instagrammers at City Hall Picture by Orlando Fleites @orlando_shoots_raw

World Wide Instameet Hosted by and The Coral Gables Museum May 17.2014

This weekend was Instagram’s WorldWide Instameet 9. We at Art of Miami, along with The Coral Gables Museum hosted our proposal for the WorldWide event Miami edition. The chosen spot was Coral Gables for its undeniable photogenic Mediterranean Revival Architecture and for it not been chosen in past meets.

A good omen to a great day that awaited us was the picture perfect weather (pun intended), a cool 67 degrees on a mid May morning. Which resulted in a fantastic turn out of 30 plus Instagrammers meeting together to learn, share, and collaborate with one another. We met at The Coral Gables Museum, the director Chris Rupp kindly offered participants free entry and a historic walking tour, led by our knowledgable and fashion savvy tour guide, Patrick. We spend the after noon strolling through old city blocks, snapping pictures, while at the same time taking mental notes of interesting tidbits of Coral Gables that Patrick offered us.This might come in handy at a cocktail party or two in the near future you know. The tour culminated at the Leica Store Miami which brought joy to Leica Camera enthusiasts in our group. As we parted ways I reminded everyone of the hashtag #Instameet_citybeautifu to be used for our groups pictures to be filed under on Instagram.

Keep reading below to see a photo-recap of Saturdays Instameet in Coral Gables. Hover over the thumbnails to see the credit for the picture taken and please follow all these Instagrammers on Instagram. Also search hashtag #Instameet_CityBeautiful on Instagram for full gallery of our event. For more info on Coral Gables City Tours click here.

Instameet at The Coral Gables Museum picture credit: Orlando Fleites @orlando_shoots_raw

photo credit: @edzster


Jumpstagram picture by @Ippyg

photo credit: @acentrini87

Patrick our guide at the Leica Store Miami

Now I know why they call her She Smiles picture by Harold Rosario

Picture by Madeline Luis aka @Mad19

coral gables museum roof picture by Jonelle Davies @she_smiles

pic by Ipsan Gonzalez aka @ippyg

picture by @surealid

La Palma Coral Gables picture by Orlando Fleites @orlando_shoos_raw

Picture by Orlando Fleites


picture by Chris Cakov

picture by @qmanity

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