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Best of Art Walk Wynwood Miami March 2014 (30 pics)


Best of Art Walk Wynwood Miami March 2014 (30 pics)

I think it was mainly due to the great weather in Miami that has the town making the most of it. Proof was the crowds of visitors at last night’s Wynwood Art walk. Last night highlights at Wynwood’s second Saturday’s Art Walk included show stoppers like the painting of a Rick Ross “Last Supper” which was selling for $9,500. The Islamic “Mona Lisa” by Ryca at Robert Fontaine Gallery got a lot of attention. And the “Miamimonopoly” piece pictured above was a trending picture on Instagram.

A personal highlight of mine was reuniting with one time professor of mine Aramis O’Reilly who was exhibiting with his wife at the New World school of the Arts gallery. O’Reilly’s work has definitely made a transformation from the more representational work he did 10 years ago. No one gazed at his work longer than I did, trying to understand how such a talented painter of volume and form has evolved to making simplistic flat paintings of color swatches and Duck Tape. Never the less it was a pleasure talking with a great artist and teacher.

Here is my photo recap of lat night’s Wynwood Art Walk in Miami.

Artist Aramis O'reilly in front of his work pic by Harold Rosairo


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  1. Duilio Saldanha says:

    I admire Aremis’s paints. He paints with his heart.

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