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Damage at the Perez Art Museum was Premeditated

picture by Harold Rosario

Statement Regarding the Vandalism at the Perez Art Museum Miami

The Perez Art Museum released a statement regarding a recent incident where damage was caused to an installation by controversial artist and activist Ai Wei Wei. The statement although short, does classify the incident as intentional and “premeditated.”


Earlier this week, a museum visitor intentionally broke a vase in the Ai Weiwei exhibition. The museum’s security team immediately secured the galleries and the person was apprehended. He is now in police custody, and the museum is working with the authorities in their investigation. Although the museum can’t speak directly to intentions, evidence suggests that this was a premeditated act. As an art museum dedicated to celebrating modern and contemporary artists from within our community and around the world, we have the highest respect for freedom of expression, but this destructive act is vandalism and disrespectful to another artist and his work, to Pérez Art Museum Miami, and to our community. -PAMM

pic via PAMM website



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