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Wynwood Food Tour Review (25 pics)

Mofongo at Jimmyz Kitchen

Mofongo from Jimmyz Kitchen picture by Harold Rosario of ArtofMIami.com

Wynwood Food Tour Review

Wynwood Food Tour is a must when in Miami. I had the pleasure of meeting Grace, the founder of Miami Culinary Tours. She was our guide to the new addition to her tours repertoire. Which include, the South Beach Food Tour, Little Havana and now the Wynwood Food Tour. We had a great time experiencing and learning not only about the amazing art in Wynwood but also the Culinary Talent in the neighborhood. The tour starts in the heart of this artistic neighborhood at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and includes other entries from The Butcher Shop and Grill, Jimmyz Kitchen, Pride and Joy, Suviche and ends with The Famous Fireman Derek’s Pie. The highlights of the 6 would have to be the Ropa Vieja Empanada at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, the Pulled Pork From Pride and Joy and the Mofongo at Jimmyz Kitchen. For best ambiance and food styling, hands down Suviche wins that honor from us with their rope swings fitted patio and Mini Causa plated dish. For the location of all these these top Wynwood Restaurant click on their names and enjoy!

Wynwood Recommended Restaurants List

1. Wynwood Kitchen and Bar: In the middle of everything. You can’t miss it! (International Fusion)

Try the Ropa Vieja empanadas or simply the Ropa Vieja on its own.

2. The Butcher Shop and Grill:165 NW 23st Miami, FL (tapas,grill, German pretzel’s)

Ribeye steak is a must here. If on a budget, just get a plate of tapas and you are good. German pretzel? Two please.

3. Jimmyz Kitchen: 2700 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL (Puerto Rican)

Friendly staff. Best Puerto Rican Mofongo in town. (pictured above) Next to my Dad’s Monfongo of course. I would ask for the sauce on the side to maintain the crunchiness of the entrée. Enjoy!

4. Pride and Joy: 2800 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL (American North Carolina BBQ)

Authentic North Carolina style ribs. Try the deviled eggs topped with pulled pork. Note sides are not included here. So if they ask you “What would you like with that? Fries, mashed potatoes, etc.” They really mean what else are you gonna buy. So you are forewarned.

5. Suviche: 2751 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL (Peruvian)

I’m allergic to seafood so I have only tried the Chicken Causa. (pic below) Very trendy place. Right in front of Pride and Joy. Heard the seafood Ceviche is really good.

6. Panther Coffee: 2390 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL

The most artistic Latte in town. Get a heart, flower or star. Take a pic before you enjoy.

7. Joey’s  2506 NW 2nd Ave. (Italian and More)

Get the Short Ribs and Risotto. All the pizza’s are good too. Authentic mozzarella cheese and a tasty sauce.. They need to work on a better crust though.

8. Gigi’s: 3470 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127   (not Wynwood but close by)

Everything here is delicious! The Buns are great. Everyone raves about the corn bread, but its just tastes like corn bread to me. Well except for the whipped honey butter it comes with. Que rico! The pulled pork sandwich is amazing. Down side is that you won’t need a doggy bag as the portions are small.

9. Cafeina Wynwood: 297 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL

(*6-9 are not part of the Wynwood Food Tour)

mini causa at suviche restaurant in miami

Mini Causa at Suviche Restaurant in Wynwood

Below we have made a Pro’s and Con’s list of the Wynwood Food Tour to help you reach your own conclusion and 25 pictures from the Wynwood Food Tour:


-It is more than a food tour. It’s an art and architecture tour as well.

-Grace the tour guide is more than friendly.

-Beer from Wynwood Brewery is included. Nice Surprise! Try “La Rubia”

-More than enough food. I did not eat for the rest of the day. Mind you it starts at noon.

-the leisurely stroll helps you metabolize all this food.


-Tour could use a little comedy. I have been on many tours and every tour guide has a had a repertoire of jokes. It breaks the repetitive nature of tours.

-Most of the information was more about ingredients used in the dishes rather than the actual cooking process. Which is kinda expected in a culinary tour.

-Wynwood Food Tours should rethink a couple of the statistics given about the art on the tour (e.g: price)

That’s it! As you can see our Pro’s out weights the con’s. In conclusion, the Wynwood Food Tour is a fun and worthwhile experience. Which is why we are adding it to our Must Do’s in Miami list

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